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Tap into your Potential.  
Get paid to be YOU.

It's time for you to leverage your skills, knowledge and experience and package it into multiple revenue streams that make you the income and impact you desire in this world.

You absolutely CAN do the work you love, build a purpose-driven business and awesome life, simply by being YOU! 

Download my Get Paid to Be You quick-start guide and audio to learn 10 ways to monetise you and do the work that matters.

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Learn how to uncover your potential, turn it into profitable offerings and live on purpose.

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Hi! I'm Natalie Sisson.

Natalie Sisson Get Paid to Be You

I'm a CEO, investor, leading learner, triathlete and lover of handstands and yoga, who truly believes you can get paid to be your unique self.

How? By leveraging your unfair advantage!

That's the intersection between your unique skills, knowledge, personality and life experience that people will pay you really well for. ​

It's what allowed me to take 8 years of experience in the corporate world, co-found a tech company, and then start my own blog and turn it into a quarter of a million dollars a year education business that paid me to be me. 

What started as a humble blog, grew into an online business with multiple revenue streams all based around my skills, knowledge and a lifetime of experiences.

I've been in business since 2009 and know what it takes to stay true to your values, and build a business that aligns with your why, and your lifestyle goals.

I then spent almost 7 years, traveling the world, as The Suitcase Entrepreneur, growing a global community of Freedomists, write two best-selling books, speak on stages and play Ultimate Frisbee. #awesome

These days, I'm focused on showing you how to thrive in the future of work by getting paid to be YOU and making the impact, that the world truly needs you to make.

My mission is to help 1,000 women earn $10,000 per month and donate 1% of their profit (or more) to a cause or charity dear to their heart.

You already have everything you need to do this!

"Natalie is a stellar businesswoman, she has the ability to see the potential in other entrepreneurs and help them shine. She’s got the social media skills, the business acumen, and the passion to help you court bolder dreams and make them a reality. What sets Natalie apart from other business leaders is her level of commitment to professionalism and the high standard that she holds for herself and that of her clients. If you have a chance to work with her, do it!”

Nathalie Lussier 

Founder of AccessAlly ™

"While working with Natalie, I learned more than just which tools to use or which strategies yielded the best results when building an online business. I gained an intuitive sense for what works in online business - no matter the industry, the current economic climate, or the product at hand. It's been invaluable to me as I've built three successful online businesses over the past seven years. Beyond equipping me with the confidence to execute on a vision, Natalie was also a trusted confidante and mentor who helped me see what was possible when I didn't have the experience to see it myself."

Cher Hale

Cher Hale

Director, Cher Hale Creative

Get Paid to be YOU!
Join 12,000+ Subscribers.

It's time for you to leverage your skills and knowledge into profitable online revenue streams that let you design and build your purpose-driven life and business. 

Download my free guide to learn how to Get Paid to Be You and create multiple revenue streams that allow you own your impact and income!

Get Paid to Be You and Monetise Your Skills and Knowledge

"Natalie is a true positive force of nature when it comes to inspiring you to be YOUR best!  I've had the pleasure of working alongside her and seen her help individuals to create more freedom in their life and business, by truly understanding the realities of growing a business but doing it in way that fits with you personally.  She's personally helped me to be even bolder and challenge myself further to make even more of an impact with my business.  Natalie rocks - full stop!"

Osman Get Paid to be You

Osmaan Sharif

Performance & Mindset Coach - Rapid Transformation.

"I worked with Natalie when I was starting out in my online business and she helped me earn my first online income and get started. That was 3 years ago and I've joined several of her programs since and always been impressed with her commitment to excellence and invaluable insights that come from her years of experience in doing business online. I look forward to working with Natalie in the future as well!"

Sif the Vet Get Paid to Be You

Sif Traustadottir 

Veterinarian at Sif the Vet

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