Hey lovely. You deserve more money, joy and freedom. Let’s go get 'em!

You're in the right place if you're a woman coach, course creator, author, speaker or service provider who wants to learn how to monetise you, and create multiple revenue streams so you can make the impact and income you desire.

Get Paid to be YOU!

It's time for you to leverage your skills and knowledge into profitable online revenue streams that let you design and build your purpose-driven life and business. 

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"I'm on a mission to lead 1,000 women to earn $10,000 a month and contribute at least 1% of their revenue to a cause that's dear to their heart, and in doing so create a ripple effect in other girls' and women's lives."

Imagine 12 months from now you...

  • Have a profitable business that doesn't 100% rely on you, and you get to work on what you love doing, not all the things. (I know, right? Bliss.)
  • Wake up whenever you damn well please, knowing you’re financially free to make choices for the day that suit you, not your clients.
  • Have so much joy and confidence in your life, that you might explode. Why? Because you’re making a real difference in peoples’ lives.
  • Impact hundreds or thousands of people around the globe through your work, and you get to donate to your favourite causes every month.
  • Have the freedom to live a life that lights you up and spend more time doing what you love.

You have a dream. I have dreamy strategies. Boom. Match made in heaven.

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I Want To Earn $10,000+ a month

You're a Queen. You have what it takes to build a business you love, making the income you deserve and the impact you desire. But it's not translating into consistent sales. Time to change that. You need BELIEF, and a kickass group of women to help you RISE. In the $10K Club, we celebrate YOU...to the power of ten.

Watch my free class

Watch my free class

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Monetise You

Monetise You

There's only one of you on the whole planet. In the whole universe. Isn't that AMAZING? It's time for you to use that to your advantage and generate more income simply by being you. Here are 12 ways to earn $10K per month. Every. Single. Month.

My name is Natalie

I'm your new biz bestie.

(Can I get whoop?)

I'm here to show you how to get paid to be you, build a six figure business and put a dent in this world. I'm an entrepreneur, author, podcaster, speaker, creator, and handstand enthusiast, who's dedicated to showing you how to create a grand vision for your life and business and actually make it happen.

In the last decade I co-founded a successful technology company in Canada, and then went on to turn my humble blog into a multiple six-figure media, education and coaching business with multiple revenue streams.

I love helping you monetise your superpowers. Because you, you gorgeous thing, are powerful beyond measure. 

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Listen to my weekly UNTAPPED podcast to learn how to tap into your potential and get paid to be you. Learn from inspiring guests how to make a profitable living, doing what you love. I mean...come ON! Is this not the most jazzified exciting thing you’ve ever heard of?

Hot Reads

My belief? Great books create great minds! I am a huge fan of learning from great books, so I am super-honoured to have written not one, but two Amazon No #1 bestsellers. In The Suitcase Entrepreneur you'll learn to create freedom in business and adventure in life. It teaches you how to package your skills to build a successful online business you love, while living and working from anywhere.

The Freedom Plan: Redesign your business to work less, earn more and be free, is all about how to build a profitable, thriving business that supports your ideal lifestyle.

And my third book, Suck it up Princess is now available. If you have big things you want to put out into the world and you’re standing in your own way, this will sort you out fast! Hell, YES!