September 23

EPS 85: 3 Pillars to $10K Months in Business (How to Expect More and Level Up Now)


Is making more income and impact, or even hitting $10k months in your business,  up there on your goals list right now? Then you’re in the right space!

I know without a doubt that $10k months (and beyond) are absolutely possible for you. I believe a part of tapping into your full potential includes earning as much income as you desire, and it is so important to live a life you are completely in love with too!

In today’s UNTAPPED episode I’m giving you an intimate behind the scenes look at how I’ve built $10k (+) months in business, and the shifts I’ve had to make in order to build a million-dollar business.

I’ve been earning those consistent $10k+ months in business for years now. It’s allowed me to create more freedom in my life, opened the door to new experiences, and it’s allowed me to impact even more people in my work. 

Recently, I’ve been focusing on a lot of questions like:
What do I really want out of life?
Where am I settling and where do I want to expand?

Which led me to create the new mantra I’ve been living by: Expect MORE.

This mantra has helped me to massively uplevel my life and business this year. I’ve upleveled my mindset, my relationships, and my health. I’ve honestly seen this create a ripple effect across my entire life.

It’s true what they say…

“Where your focus goes, your energy flows.”

Since expecting more out of myself and my students I see their results doubling, tripling, and beyond! Tune into the episode to hear all of the ways my mantra has upleveled my business in just the past 9 months, and how it can help you to level up now!

PLUS I dive into my 3 pillars you can use to create consistent $10k months in business. In all of the success stories you hear, you’ll notice they all have gone on their own journey to get there, but there are some fundamentals all business owners need.

That’s exactly what I’ve created these 3 pillars based off of! Not only have I personally used these pillars but I have given my $10k Club member’s these same pillars and the results have been extraordinary.

Ready to become a $10k queen? Tune in to the episode using this magic link which will open up in your chosen podcast player!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to expect more and level up now!
  • The 3 pillars anyone can use to create $10k months in business
  • What I’ve done this year to massively uplevel in every aspect of my life
  • An intimate look behind the scenes of my path to a million dollar business

Podcast Resources and Links:

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