November 20

3 Proven Ways to Make Money Simply By Being You!


Let’s get something straight right now. You have all the opportunity in the world to make money simply by being you.

You are THE BOMB. You’re unique, there’s no one else like you, and that is POWERFUL, baby! You’re the shit. Own it.

With that in mind, when it comes to making money simply by being you, I’m sure you can list a gazillion ideas that pop into your head. An even better question to ask though, is “Am I qualified enough to be paid to be me?” 

The great news is, you don’t need to be qualified at all. You simply have to be a few steps ahead of the person you’re teaching or coaching, and have real results to show them that you can help them achieve. One thing you must always remember is….

Someone, somewhere, will always find your skills valuable and is willing to pay you for them. 

I know you’re probably thinking ‘for reals Natalie?’. Yep for reals!

Sure you’re going to hear that voice in your head saying ‘Who are you to charge for what you know, you’re still a rookie’. This is just the imposter syndrome trying to protect you from making a fool of yourself or dreaming too big. But, what do you need to remember? 

You. Are. THE. BOMB!

In this video, I share three proven ways to make money and get paid to be you, and, which of these three would be ideal for your skill level and experiences. 


One will get you earning income straight away; the other two will take longer to implement, but will give you repeatable and scalable income for a life-time!

I’ve personally used these methods to start and grow my business into a multiple six-figure business….from a blog!

So what I mean is, it works. Not just for me, but thousands of others I’ve taught how to monetise their skills and knowledge. They are now happily living life while running a meaningful and purpose-driven business. Yaaaaasss!

I know what it’s like when you’re starting out, or wanting to grow your income.  I also know that it’s not that easy to dive in without knowing where you’ll land or what you’ll land in. And yes, it can feel daunting and overwhelming too. But it shouldn’t be! I’m here for you, and we are going to crack those ideas wide open and organise them like a colour-coded, categorised and clutter-free walk-in closet. 😀 How dreamy does that sound?

What I really hope you can get out of this video is to know (or have the clarity on) which direction you want to take. It may be just a baby-step, but it’s a milestone that will pave the way to your end goal: To finally be paid for who you truly are with the gifts that you have to offer to the world.

Want to know more about how to get paid while being authentically you? Download my free Get Paid To Be You ebook below, and discover 10 ways to monetise your knowledge and skills and make the income and impact you desire.


Want to build a kick ass business that lets you create the income and impact you desire? Then download my 'Get Paid to Be YOU' Guide to learn 10 ways to monetize your skills and knowledge and do the work that matters today!


Get Paid to Be YOU, Real Money-Making Strategies

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