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3 Ways to Publish Your Bestselling Book


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Have you ever wondered exactly how all those uber successful writers actually publish their books?

Or have you ever wanted to publish a book of your own (but had no idea where to start)?

Well there are actually THREE different ways that you could publish your book: self-publishing, hybrid-publishing, and traditional publishing.

They each have their pros and cons (I’ve published books using each of the methods), but for me one stands above the rest giving you maximum reach for your book and minimal stress.

1. Self-Publishing

While self-publishing allows you to have full control over how your book is published, you are solely responsible for making sure you book becomes a best seller and effectively reaches your audience.

So while it’s great to have complete freedom over your book’s publishing process, you frequently have to put in an extraordinary amount of time and effort to ensure your book really takes off.

2. Traditional Publishing

This used to be a huge deal – the big juicy publishing deal that all authors hoped for!

It still is exciting, but the power of traditional publishing has diminished. Traditional publishers have much less influence and reach then they used to. Now they only want to work with authors that have a large audience or circle of influence already in place.

This is great if you have a wide following on social media, your podcast, blog etc.! But if you don’t, traditional publishers generally won’t be interested in taking on your book.

3. Hybrid Publishing

With hybrid publishing you still provide the community and do a lot of the marketing, BUT you don’t have to do the distribution, figure out how to get it into bookstores, create the book design, do the layout or do any of the copy editing.

So while you still have to put in time and effort to get your book out there, but they take care of the bit that you may need help with and the parts that are particularly complex. Win win!

This has been the ideal publishing option for me! I’m still able to feel in control of how my book is presented and published, but I still had their expert advice and guidance on hand.

With hybrid-publishing you still have to put in time and effort to get your book out there, but they take care of the bit that you may need help with and the parts that are particularly complex. Win win!

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And if you’ve had any experience in publishing a book, I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

Natalie xo

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