April 15

Eps 62: Why You Need to Be Proactive Not Reactive In Business


Right now, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, there more reason than ever to be proactive not reactive in your business.

I know it can be tempting to throw everything up in the air, and get to work creating an offer or service that you could release as quickly as possible to help people in their time of need.

Or resurrect an old course or offer that might actually land really well right now with your customers, earn you some money and make you feel like you’re doing something useful.

I get it. Oh I soooo get it. In the last two weeks I’ve felt called to show up and serve others more than ever.

In my work as a business coach who focuses on how to get paid to be you, I’ve had ALL the ideas on how I can most quickly pivot, create and release helpful courses or programs right now.

How I can reach those entrepreneurs who’s revenues have been slashed or who have lost their jobs or livelihoods overnight.

I was working on this, while pouring energy into my book crowdfunding campaign and welcoming in all the lovely students who chose the ‘Write Your Damn Book’ reward level to join me live over 60 days.

And by the start of this week I was exhausted. And I realised I need to stop, refocus and stick to my plan.

Moreover, I needed to come back to my mission to help 1,000 women entrepreneurs earn $10K per month and donate 1% to a cause of their choice.

The minute I focused back on that, I realised, they are the people who I want to serve.

By honouring my mission and my word, and turning up to support them right now, means they can turn up to support their community and so it goes on – a positive ripple effect of women helping women rise up.

Creatives, coaches, consultants and service-based businesses – this is your time to step up, stay true to your plan, and continue to help your customers in the way that you do best.

Pivot if it’s necessary, make an offer that could dramatically help or impact others in a positive way, if you need.

But stay focused on doing what you do well, with the resources you have, and the time that you have, to keep on showing up and providing.

Don’t take advantage of people who are desperate. Don’t market like crazy to people who are vulnerable.

How you show up and act right now, is how you will be remembered for a long time.

So make sure you come from a place of integrity, generosity, compassion and genuine value creation.

Reflect and ask yourself, are you being proactive or reactive?

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why you need to be proactive in business rather than reactive right now
  • What to focus on during the coronavirus pandemic to stay true to your values
  • How I’m being proactive in my business right now
  • Why I am staying true to my course and focusing on my new $10K Club membership

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