November 11

Eps 92: 7 Figure CEO Mindset vs. Lifestyle Entrepreneur


Here’s something I never thought I’d say: you can absolutely go from entrepreneur to a millionaire CEO in four steps. And they’re four pretty easy steps. They just take a lot of YOU to get them done. But YOU are awesome. So, let’s smash this.

What is the difference between being a lifestyle entrepreneur and being a 7-figure CEO? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

At least, there doesn’t have to be. A lifestyle entrepreneur is defined as “an individual who creates a business for the purpose of changing their lifestyle instead of making profits.”

But we are not definitions in a dictionary, are we? Hell, no. As someone who spent nine years as a lifestyle entrepreneur, I’ll say it again: HELL NO to that.

And I say it in my UNTAPPED podcast this week too.

Here’s why: there is no reason why you can’t have your cake, and eat it. Yes, you can focus on your lifestyle, work 20-25 hours a week, and spend the rest of your time exploring the city you’re in. But you can also make a (BIG) profit if you operate a great business, and you’re clear on your intentions.

I know that as a lifestyle entrepreneur I wasn’t taking myself as seriously as I could have, and there were certain steps I had to take to scale my business. Because, honestly…why couldn’t I have the mindset of a 7-figure entrepreneur, and do it while keeping my lifestyle in mind?

Besides the profit you can make in your business (did I mention it’s big?), this mindset also helps you achieve the things that keep your soul fed. You’ll hire people, improve lives, and make the impact you want to make.

So, how do we shift that mindset, and get all the juicy millionaire entrepreneur goodness flowing? We cover a lot of this in the $10K Club – our beautiful community of womxn entrepreneurs. You can join the $10K Club here (aka the most unapologetic badass ladyboss club out there).

Ready to listen? Tune in using this magic link which will open up in your chosen podcast player!

In this episode we uncover: 

  • What millionaire business-owners do really well
  • What an integrator is and why you need one, like, yesterday
  • How systems can help you kick ass in true YOU style
  • How to be memorable (because when people remember you, that’s when the magic happens)
  • Why it is so important to hang out with a certain kind of person

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Want to take that to the next level, buy my bestselling book The Freedom Plan: Work less. Earn more. Be free.

Want to be a $10K Club Queen, and get that 6-figure journey started? Check out all of the details here.


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