Hi, I’m Natalie Sisson. I'm a New Zealand entrepreneur, author, speaker, lover of handstands and triathlete.

This website is my home, and I hope it becomes your home too, so that together we can dive into how to tap into your human potential, the future of work and how to learn to get paid to be wonderfully, uniquely YOU.

I've always been fascinated by our abilities as humans to go beyond our capabilities, to push through our own limits, and to constantly strive to innovate, improve and be the best versions of our selves.

Because when we do, we can get paid to do what we love to do and what gives us meaning, and use that as a force for good by using, teaching and sharing our skills and knowledge with others.

Who the heck am I?

I'm an eternal optimist, a systems geek, a fangirl of productivity and someone who goes after what she wants.

I have been on a quest to discover what freedom really means to us for almost a decade.

After 8 years in the corporate world, and then two years as cofounder of  a Technology company FundRazr, I started my own online business in April 2010.

This was when I decided to monetize my humble, 6 month old blog The Suitcase Entrepreneur, and turn into into a multiple-six figure online education platform.

I turned content and knowledge into 8 different revenue streams including digital products, courses, workshops, international retreats and coaching helping people build a business they love from anywhere!  

I did this while living out of my suitcase for 6.5 years full time and traveling to 70 countries, and it was a wild ride.

Then in late 2016 I decided to return to my beloved New Zealand, meet a wonderful man and settle into a completely new way of life.

We bought a beautiful semi-rural lifestyle property in New Zealand with 2.5 acres of land and garden. 

We set about planting native trees, building an organic garden and raising our two gorgeous white German Shepherds and 6 free range chickens.

We set up a coworking barn, a crossfit gym and a little podcast and video studio in a shed.

My mission...if you choose to accept it:

I truly believe that EVERY single person has a combined set of skills, knowledge and experience that makes them unique, and when leveraged well, allows them to earn a living and make an impact, simply by being them.

Since late 2018 I've been focused on helping everyday people in jobs, freelance careers and with their own business to monetize their sweetspot and get paid to be them.

The world needs what you have to teach and share, and you deserve to be paid for being you. So let's do this!

Get your hands on all this goodness

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    Some of my proudest personal achievements have been 

    • 2018: Writing and publishing the No #1 Bestselling book The Freedom Plan, buying a dream home with my love Josh
    • 2016: Speaking at TEDx Royal Tunbridge Wells on the Surprising Truth About Freedom (see video below) and buying my first investment property in Portugal
    • 2015: Buying a second investment property in New Zealand...and celebrating my Dad's life - miss you, love you.
    • 2013: Writing and publishing my first Bestselling book, The Suitcase Entrepreneur, which in September 2019 Forbes Women chose to review!
    • 2012: Cycling 6,500km down Africa from Nairobi to Capetown and raising US$12,000 for Women Win 
    • 2012: Buying my first investment property in New Zealand
    • 2009: Taking the leap to turn my blog into my first ever business and making it happen!
    • 2008: CoFounding a technology company in Vancouver
    • 2008: Quitting my job and taking a one way flight to Canada to figure out how to do get paid to be me
    • 2007: Winning a Gold Medal in Beach Ultimate Frisbee AND breaking a World Record in Dragon Boating 
    • 2004: Winning a Regional Body Sculpting competition
    • 2003: Getting my first proper marketing job, buying my first house and adopting my first dog. 

    In 2019, I'm taking on a completely different challenge that both scares and excites me! I'm competing in triathlons with the Taupo Half Ironwoman (70.3) in December being the next massive goal...OMG!

    My favourite thing though, is learning how to be my best version of me, tap into my potential, push past my self imposed limits and to always be a student of life, while sharing my learnings with you, so that you can do the same!