Hi, I'm Natalie Sisson.

I'm obsessed with living your best life by design and on your own terms

Who the heck am I?

I'm a Proud Freedomist, serial entrepreneur, investor and proud Mama to a vivacious toddler and two fur babies. I adore living life to the full and helping people uncover their purpose in life and potential in business!

I'm the Founder of the $10K Club, LifePilot methodology, host of the LifePilot Podcast, 3 X No#1 Bestselling Author and TEDx speaker.

I’ve taught thousands of entrepreneurs around the world, just like you, how to design their own freedom plan by focusing on what matters, creating a vision for your life and business around that, and then taking massive action. 

My superpower is showing you how to tap into your unique potential and monetise YOU based on what you love doing, your unique combination of skills and experience and how to package that into a business to monetise you and support your ideal lifestyle. 

After 8 years in the corporate world, and then two years as cofounder of  a Technology company FundRazr, I started my own online business in April 2010.

This was when I decided to monetize my humble, 6 month old blog The Suitcase Entrepreneur, and turned it into into a multiple-six figure online education platform.

I turned content and knowledge into 8 different revenue streams including digital products, courses, workshops, international retreats and coaching helping people build a business they love from anywhere!  

I did this while living out of my suitcase for 6.5 years full time and traveling to 70 countries, and it was a wild ride.

My Mission... if you choose to accept it:

I truly believe that EVERY single person has a combined set of skills, knowledge and experience that makes them unique, and when leveraged well, allows them to earn a living and make an impact, simply by being them.

Since late 2018 I've focused on helping women monetize their sweetspot and get paid to be them, build a thriving online business they love, and live life on their own terms.

The world needs what you have to teach and share, and you deserve to be paid for being you.

And you need to hold a big vision for the life you want to lead and go after it so you can truly be the pilot of your own life!

What Can I Help You With?

Monetize My Expertise

Learn how to amplify your message and multiply your income by monetizing YOU by sharing and teaching what you already know, love and do.

Design a Life You Love

Let me introduce you to LifePilot - a holistic all of life planning tool that will help you focus on what really matters, set and achieve goals that give you purpose, and ensure you turn your dreams into reality!

Get Coached

Want to build a business and lifestyle you love, focus on your big vision, take focused action and create profitable revenue streams for more financial freedom? Then let me be your Business and Life Coach to get the results you deserve.

Get Paid to be YOU!

Join 10,000+ Subscribers.

It's time for you to leverage your skills and knowledge into profitable online revenue streams that let you design and build your purpose-driven life and business. 

Download my free guide to learn how to Get Paid to Be You and create multiple revenue streams that allow you own your impact and income!

Get Paid to be YOU!