December 28

Best Books of 2019 for Mindset and Motivation


I freaking love books and this year I listened to more audio books than ever.

They far outweighed my reading of physical books for one very good reason…

Most of my listening time was out while I was training for triathlons, like on a long run or a long bike ride.

I’ve learned a lot this year from these authors so I thought I’d share my favourites.

My fave mindset and motivation books in 2019 are……

Can’t Hurt Me by David Goggins

My all time fave book of the year was a surprise to me as it wasn’t one that any one recommended (well Audible did) and my initial reaction to it was that it was not the type of title I’d pick up.

Not only was this an incredible listen, but one of THE most motivating books ever – perfect for the days I didn’t have as much excitement about my training as normal.

It is also the first audiobook ever to have discussions with the author after every chapter, which made it a far more immersive experience.It’s a great read or listen to master your mindset and defy the odds.

He reveals that most of us tap into only 40% of our capabilities and then shows you how to reach your full potential.

Why We Sleep by Matthew Walker

This book was a complete eye opener and made me appreciate that a good quality sleep is really the answer to all our problems!

Plus Matthew has this brilliant British accent that I could listen to for hours, and did actually put me to sleep one eve – which he encourages!

He covers off on not only the different types of sleep cycles we go through, but every area of our life that sleep can affect and more importantly what happens when we don’t get enough of it.

Matthew then goes beyond this to talk about systemic problems in areas like driving, hospitals and children’s health that are affected when sleep isn’t given a priority.

This book probably will change your life and definitely your sleep!

How to Be F*cking Awesome by Dan Meredith

This is a short, sharp, funny as listen about sticking a finger up to the law of attraction and a thumb up to action.If you need a good kick in the arse, with a lot of laughs, this book is for you.

Dan again has a great British accent and a tell it how it is nature to him that’s likeable yet powerful. You’re welcome!

The Alter Ego Effect by Todd Herman

This book came out at just the right time for me to tap into my super human athlete ego for my triathlons.

You can use Todd’s method to step into who you want to be for anything – just like Beyonce did when she used Sasha Fierce to become the powerhouse she is today.

He takes you through how to develop your alter ego when you need it most, and then how to go on and embody and eventually become the person you really want to be.

Exactly What to Say by Phil Jones

This is another short, powerful book on how to use the magic of words for influence and impact.

A must listen for anyone who wants to get more of what they want in life.

It’s particularly great for entrepreneurs who want to understand how to use the power of language and behavioural psychology to sell to more customers, by knowing their triggers, doubts and fears.

At the end of the day it’s a lesson in having empathy and insight and using this to your advantage – in a good way of course!


Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

An oldie but a goodie, I’ve read this classic book written in 1937, twice before, and each time I do, more sinks in.

But there was something about listening to the audio version was a great refresher in the steps you need to totally commit to and go after a life you dream of with absolute certainty backed up by deliberate action.

Definitely one to keep on your book shelf and refer to regularly. There are many newer versions out that aren’t so blatantly sexist and male dominated too!

Finish What You Start by Peter Hollins

This is a brilliant, short book about the art of following through, taking action, execution and self discipline.

It was a refreshing reminder for me, who loves all these things, on how I could do them even better, and is essentially the best hacks and tips you’ve probably heard before, pulled together with great examples for you to apply to your life.

It’s hugely motivating and a great read to head into the New Year.

Becoming by Michelle Obama

This is a bloody brilliant book to listen to as it’s narrated by Michelle herself and I could listen to her for hours. And did, almost 19 hours in fact!

It’s a fascinating insight into her life, from childhood through to her teenage years, to meeting Obama and life in the Whitehouse.

More importantly it shows that her character, strength, charm, warmth and determination existed in her from the get go, and it will inspire you!

Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollins

I’m not going to lie, I didn’t love this book initially – although I did appreciate it and had a few good laughs, but I’ve since fallen in love with Rachel Hollis.


While many parts of this book didn’t resonate with me or apply to my life or attitude, I know they would if you have kids, have had a boyfriend cheat on you, been through a divorce, had money problems, gone through dieting or weight gain and have a myriad of insecurities.

I can see how incredibly powerful this book is (and no doubts it’s sold millions) for women who want to live a better life and first need to get out of their own way to do this.

She speaks a bold and powerful truth which is raw and refreshing, but she also does it as if she’s your BFF.

What I do suggest you do is watch her latest pep talk video on how to have a great 2020 (you have this 3.5 minutes to spare – trust me).

Everything is F*cked by Mark Manson

I do love my friend Mark and his first book The Subtle Art of Not Giving a Fuck was brilliant. In fact most things he writes and says are.

This book was a great follow up, not brilliant, but funny and poignant and enlightening.

Again it’s a short read and is the perfect option when you need a good kick up the ass about your own situation, how to handle it, and how to live your best life rather than moan and crap on about what you don’t have.

How to Fight a Hydra by Josh Kaufman

I’m a big fan of heroic and ancient stories like Odysseus and so when Josh Kaufman, author of the Personal MBA, put out this short book, with the mythical Hydra, to prove a point, I wanted to read it.

In short it’s all about getting out of your own way and fighting back against your own inner demons, fears and naysaying to be the hero of your own story.

So tell me in the comments, what has been your fave book of 2019?


best books of 2019

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