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Suck It Up Princess: Real-life strategies to get out of you own way.

Suck It Up Princess is a guide book for women to stop using your BS excuses so you can impact the world one classy act at a time. It is packed with love, personal stories, radical transparency, silliness, hard truths and legit guidance, tips and proven methods to get out of your own way be the heroine you know you already are.

The Freedom Plan: Redesign Your Business To Earn More, Work Less and Be Free

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The Freedom Plan book will show you how to reclaim your time, streamline your business, and be more profitable while living your ideal lifestyle and feeling on purpose!

Suitcase Entrepreneur Book Cover

The Suitcase Entrepreneur: Create Freedom in Business and Adventure in Life

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No #1 Bestseller The Suitcase Entrepreneur teaches you how to how to package your skills to earn enough money to work and live anywhere, build a profitable online business you love, and live life according to your rules. 

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