Podia: The BEST Platform to Create and Sell Online Courses

Can I be honest here? 

As a content creator, I have a dream – a dream that there is one platform, the best platform, that can help me create and sell an online course and do it ALL.

Deep down, I know that might be asking for a little bit too much. 

But what I want this online platform to have is the ability to create and sell digital products, online courses, and memberships.

Even better would be the ability for this platform to have an inbuilt affiliate program so my friends and community can promote and sell my courses that they believe in as well as a super easy way to take payments and receive payments.

It’d also be nice if it was super mobile responsive, beautifully designed with a clean interface that is simple to use – even for non techies, and affordable. 

This dream seemed absolutely impossible…

That is until I came across Podia. 

And I must admit, I’m a little bit excited. 

Over the years, I have researched a plethora of online platforms. And there are so many great ones out there as I shared in The Ultimate Guide to the Best Membership Software To Run an Online Program in 2016.

Plus, there are more and more being made every day because the online e-learning industry is booming! 

Why You Need to Teach and Create Online Products and Courses in 2019

To put it into perspective, the online e-learning industry is going to triple by 2025 and become a $320 billion industry. 

If you want to learn more about that read 3 Reasons to Launch Your Online Course in 2019 

The reality is, if you are not part of that revolution and not sharing your gifts with the world by teaching others what you know so that they can learn from you… then you’re missing out!

Every single experience you’ve ever had in your life, anything you’ve ever been taught, anything you’ve ever learned, implemented, or experienced for yourself – THAT is what somebody else wants to learn..

And you need to step up and be a teacher and share that with other people. 

You need to be able to add value to their life, to give generously, and to teach. And you also need to be able to learn, continue to upscale, reskill, and all those good things. 

In order to survive in the future of work and actually thrive, we need to be constantly learning. 

Simply put, we need to become lifelong learners. Otherwise, we’re going to get left behind, and the robots are actually going to come in and replace us. 

Read 11 Benefits of Learning Something New to get up to speed!

That is why the learning industry is growing at the speed of light. So many people are realising how important it is to stay relevant and to continually challenge themselves by learning. 

That means there needs to be a whole heap of online course creators out there and teachers who are willing to bring you up to speed. 

I like to think of this as being a Leading Learner. You’re not an expert. You’re not a guru. 

You’re just a couple of steps ahead of the person who is right behind you and wanting to come up to speed really quickly. 

And so, as an online course creator, I want a platform that allows me to do that in lots of different ways. 

I don’t believe that just courses are the way. 

I don’t believe that just digital products are the way. 

And I don’t believe that things like memberships and communities are the way by themselves. 

But combined… they make an incredible learning experience. 

So when I found that Podia does all of those in one tool, I was super excited. 

I asked them to do a demo for me before I jumped in to try Podia myself, and they generously showed me all the features and ways you can use Podia. 

Why I am switching to Podia for Online Courses

Since that demo, I am switching away from Teachable (which I’ve enjoyed using for years) to put all future courses, products and memberships on Podia for several reasons.

In fact, you will be experiencing Podia if you come along and apply to join my Launch Your Damn Course Accelerator in October.

But even if you don’t, and you’ve been looking for a platform that’s super easy to use, affordable, and made by people who get the online course space, then Podia will definitely be for you.

Thanks to Len Markidan, the Chief Marketing Officer at Podia, I’m able to share the demo with all of you!

In this video we walk through all the awesome features that Podia has and you’ll be amazed, as I was, at all the things that they have going on and some of their upcoming features.

My Favourite Podia Features

Online Courses

  • Sell as many online courses as you wish – free as a mini course or paid
  • Prelaunch and sell courses before you deliver them
  • Offer one-off payment or payment plans
  • Podia take no fees!
  • Upload any file type
  • Unlimited everything – no for real. No restriction on students or courses.

Digital Products

  • Sell as many digital products as you wish – free as an optin or paid
  • Sell anything – digital guides, audios, PDFs etc
  • Speedy checkout
  • Upsells are built in – so you could offer a free optin guide then upsell to a paid book
  • Sell it or gift it – now that’s cool

Online Memberships

  • Simple membership platform to share videos, content and build a community
  • Offer multiple plans for your members – free through to monthly subscription or annual
  • Bundle products
  • Interact with your members easily through comments (not a forum)
  • Connect Facebook or Slack if you want to create more of a community

Email Marketing

  • Send drip campaigns
  • Send newsletters
  • Grow your list
  • Track results
  • Cross-sell products

Use Podia as your Website!

  • Create a home page and landing pages to act as and replace your website
  • Have your own shop page 
  • Mix & match sections
  • Fully customize your layout
  • Mobile friendly
  • Easily integrate third-party tools

Affiliate Marketing

  • Simple to setup (we love simple)
  • Helps increase your sales
  • Seamless payouts
  • Helpful reporting
  • Customise your affiliate program

As an online course creator, as an online content creator, as an online business owner, Podia simply kicks ass as an all in one platform to ensure you get paid to be YOU.

You will be able to develop multiple revenue streams while making a massive impact and doing it in a simple and easy to use platform that’s not too feature rich or complex to use.

To try Podia FREE for 14 days (no credit card required) and all of its awesome features by clicking the colourful button below!

Try Podia For Free to create online courses

Also, check out my interview with Len on Untapped where we chat about some really interesting statistics about online content creators and the state of the side hustle industry.

Thrive Architect – Your Must Have Website Builder Tool

As you grow your online business to its full potential glory, the need to have a kickass website to showcase your service or products is a must. That’s where Thrive Architect comes to the rescue and it’s amazing – watch my review to hear and see why!

I’ve had a bazillion websites (well like 12) since starting my online business back in 2009.  The first one was totally bootstrapped when I paid a friend $100 to create a decent design – and she did amazing well.

Each year of business I’ve upgraded my website design and paid talented designers and developers to transform them to suit the stage I’m at.

The more my business grew the more I could invest in a great website – because let’s face it, until social media came along, websites were THE key to growing your email list and selling your products and services.

These days I feel that’s less true. An email list still reigns supreme but you can get away with using social media sites to gain attention and awareness. The thing is you don’t OWN them and they can take it all away from you in hot second.

So, having your own platform, even a one page landing page that clearly says:

  • Who you serve and why
  • What you do
  • How you help and;
  • What’s your unfair advantage – as in why they should trust and choose you a necessity.

Yet not everyone can code, and even using platforms like WordPress (the gold standard in blogs and websites) does require a good level of tech skills to fully utilize the platform.

What’s more there are so many WordPress themes to choose from, that can get waste way too much time scrolling through them and never actually launching your website!

If the thought of building a WordPress website seems like an intimidating thing to do, then I’m going to show the ONE website builder to make a gorgeous website, in minutes that’s super affordable and easy to use.

Welcome to Thrive Architect.

This powerful drag and drop website builder has been my go-to web tool when it comes to developing my own websites.

It has saved me tons of time and money and saved my sanity on many occasions. It’s put the power back in my hands to do unlimited updates, rebrands and instant edits to my website whenever I feel like it, rather than waiting around for someone to do this and paying more money for every change I want.

That’s why I want to scream to the world and share this wonderful platform to you in the hopes that you’ll invest the $19 per month to have access to it and all the amazing templates that you can instantly launch on your website to look like an absolute pro!

In short, Thrive Architect will help you build your business website with the look, features, and functionality that you’ve wanted to have, minus the headache!

Key Features of Thrive Architect You Will Love

Easy to Build Conversion-Focused Landing Page Templates

Thrive Architect lets you create landing pages that can be optimized for lead generation and way better conversions. You can simply select from its pre-built landing page templates to present offers, promote your products, collect emails, host a live webinar – you name it, Thrive Architect has it!

Simple And Clean One-Page Website

If you don’t a full feature website, Thrive Architect has a simple one-page site template you can install in a few seconds that has all the key information you’d need to sum up your business and offerings in a page.

Pre-Built Conversion Elements

Aside from its landing templates, Thrive Architect also comes with a set pre-built conversion elements such as customizable buttons, testimonials, countdown timers, and lead generation forms. This is gold as previously you had to install or buy plugins or use other tools to get access to these features. Thrive Architect integrates with the major email providers too so you can easily and automatically capture new  and grow your mailing list.

Advanced Creative Features (for non techs)

The Thrive Architect WordPress page builder and visual editor has advanced features that lets you instantly make your landing pages and website more attractive. For example you can create poster-and-magazine-style text layouts by accessing over 700 custom fonts, combine attention-grabbing texts and images, overlay background images and add in gradient overlays so your titles and text can be easily read.

Fully Mobile Responsive 

My favourite feature from Thrive Architect is the ability to test how your page will look on a desktop, tablet or mobile while you’re editing. It’s also fully mobile responsive so everything always looks hot on mobile phones and tablets, which is damn important given we spend so much time on these devices.

Also Thrive Architect lets you hide certain content blocks or elements from either mobile or tablets which is great if you want a full featured website but for mobile you don’t need the fancy features.

I swear this has changed my life and my ability to create gorgeous, responsive and high converting landing pages and websites fast and affordably. I can’t wait to see what you think of it.

Check out Thrive Architect here.

If you want to know my favourite tools of all time head to for a free download of my Definitive Toolkit.

Loom Saves You Time and Helps You Communicate Fast

Want to save a ton of time in explaining things to your team or clients while reducing the amount of emails you write? Tired of having to explain yourself and the time it takes to do it? Need to give feedback and want a faster method to get your point across? Check out my latest vlog for Tech Tool Thursday and learn about this fab tool I’ve been using for over a year now that changed my life.
Loom helps you capture, narrate and instantly share videos to communicate faster, clearer and friendlier. 100% free!
What’s more, 94% of people say video helps increase productivity and information retention by 54% versus text truly making it the most efficient way to share knowledge for everyone.

Key Ways You Can Use Loom to Save Time

  1. Use it for news and updates direct to your key customers or clients
  2. Give walk throughs or demos on your products or courses
  3. Teaching – use it to share ideas, tactics or strategies with your community quickly and easy or direct to your students in your courses by embedding the video directly
  4. Marketing – collect testimonials from clients in real-time and make it really easy
  5. Sales – use it for lead generation and email communication.
  6. Team – share quick feedback on their work, projects or explaining what you need done or fixed in a way that cuts down on comms issues

Key Features of Loom You’ll Love

  • One-click to record, one-click to finish and a publicly shareable URL automatically copied to your clipboard makes it fun and easy to use
  • Full Desktop Recording, Front Facing Camera, or Tab Only – share what you need and no more, including your face on camera or not!
  • High-Quality Video -none of this fuzzy shit, for sharing your video or downloading it
  • Unlimited Storage – no need to worry about re-recording videos, quotas, or running out of space on your computer.
  • Embed Anywhere – Loom instantly generates Embed HTML so you can put it anywhere on the internet you’d like!
  • MP4 Format – cos it’s the only way (for now). Your video is available for download, almost instantly Loom convert it on their end
  • Unlimited Recording – use it for short demos or go nuts and record for hours and use the pause/start functionality as well.
I know you’ll love this tool. If you want to know my favourite tools of all time head to for a free download of my Definitive Toolkit.  

​Download my Get Paid to Be YOU Audio and Bonus 9 Step Guide. You'll learn how to combine your knowledge, skills and passions into multiple income streams that amplify your purpose, impact and profit.

​Download my Get Paid to Be YOU Audio and Bonus 9 Step Guide. You'll learn how to combine your knowledge, skills and passions into multiple income streams that amplify your purpose, impact and profit.


Why You Need to Use Toggl to reclaim your time

Ever found yourself working all day, but not being able to tick things off your to-do list?

You’ve spent hours on your laptop jumping from one task to the other, but you have nothing to show for it?

In this video, the first of my ‘Tech Tools Thursday’ series, I show you how you can efficiently track your hours to finally pin point how much time you are spending on certain things like emails and watching cat videos on YouTube, so you can start prioritising what matters!

Yes, you really can know EXACTLY where your time goes, thanks to the power of the awesome tool, Toggl – a fantastic time tracking app that will give you a bird’s eye view on how you spend every minute of your working day.

In a matter of days of using it, you’ll be able to clearly see exactly where your time is spent, on what and how long things really take you to do.

Which means you’ll quickly be able to eliminate pointless tasks, get a handle on your time management and start working on what matters most.

I’m personally addicted to it and have gotten into a valuable habit of using this time tracking tool every SINGLE day to track every working moment, and some life admin activities too such as my triathlon training, and other non-work related tasks.

It’s golden. You can’t hide from the real data that the Toggl Reports give you about where you spend (or waste your time), especially if you have categorized your work into areas like marketing, financial, email, client work, writing and other projects.

Key Time Tracking Features of Toggl You’ll Love

  1. Set and track a reminder so that the Toggl app pops up to say, in essence, “Hey want to track your time right now?’. People forgetting to track their time is a common problem….
  2. Record your computer usage with Toggl Timeline.
  3. Easily pause and continue time entries with one click, so you can walk away and come back to an entry, or pick it up later when you start work on it again.
  4. Get detailed Toggl reports to show you exactly where your time is going and be able to bill clients directly based on your time spent on their projects – perfect for freelancers!
  5. Filter your reports and on your Toggl dashboard by project, so you can get a quick view of how much time you’ve really spent on your writing your book versus surfing your Instagram feed.

Want to know more features? Start by reading this handy blog post from Toggl: 5 Extremely Useful Toggl Features You Didn’t Know About