Discover the Proven Step By Step Method to Launch Your Online Course in 60 Days 

Learn how to package your knowledge and expertise into an online course and pre-sell it before you've even created it.


You missed out!

Do you wish someone could simply tell you exactly how to launch your online course and make a profit?

You've been thinking about creating an online course for years, yet each time you go to do it, you start hearing your inner voice saying...

  • But who am I to launch a course; I'm no expert.
  • I don't know enough about anything in particular to even create a course!
  • Why would someone pay me to teach them what I know?
  • My experience isn't unique, and besides there are heaps of others doing this, right?
  • I find the whole tech side overwhelming and don't even know where to start.
  • I have no idea on what to charge - I mean how do I put a value on this?
  • I have so many ideas for courses, I don't know which one to choose!
  • I don't like being on camera, or putting myself out there and I hate selling.

I know where you are, I know how you're feeling and I know all the reasons you think you can't launch a profitable online course.

They're not true. I've taught hundreds of people just like you to pre-sell and create an online course that people actually love and need. Even better, they now have an income stream they can continue to profit from and scale for maximum impact.

Launching your damn course is the best personal growth experience of your life, and for your bank account!

Introducing the

Launch Your Damn Course 60 Day Accelerator


This Accelerator is all about helping you to take action, so that at the end of the 60 days you will have researched, validated, designed and pre-sold your damn course!

Yes, you heard me right! Rather than spend time and money creating an entire course before you know if people are even willing to buy it, you will work the smart way by reverse engineering this process and getting paid upfront to create and deliver your course. 

There's no point in you wasting precious hours creating all that content if you haven't validated who will buy your course. That's why I teach you a method that puts profit in your pocket first!

And I TRULY believe that EVERYONE has something of value to teach others, and that a course is one of the best ways to reach more people than you ever thought possible and make an impact - plus a healthy dose of revenue!

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This Accelerator gets results because 
designed it that way.

Thanks to a decade of experience in launching 30+ online courses to the tune of $800,000 and counting, 80% profits, well over 1,000 students lives impacted, and extensive research around learning design and behaviour, I truly believe you need:

  • A clear step by step method that actually works that you can follow to get the
        results you deserve - like my proven V.B.P methodology
  • Clear and real-life examples to show you exactly what works, and what
         to steer clear of to avoid a launch flop (been there, done that!)
  • Clever constraints on your time and deadlines, otherwise this course you've
         had in your head for years will never see the light of day! Trust me.
  • Strategic and personalised guidance and coaching from an expert who has
         actually had six-figure launches before and isn't talking out of their ass!
  • Massive accountability and a cheerleader checking in on you and your
         progress to hold you to your word and get you the results you deserve.
  • An incredibly supportive group of fellow course creators who know where
         you're at, and are right there with you, celebrating and supporting you. 
  • A learning environment that encourages curiosity and a safe space to ask 
         your questions, get the answers you need and keep your motivation levels high.

Most courses simply let you self-direct your own learning and expect you to schedule in time to implement and learn on your own.

My Launch Your Damn Course Accelerator includes all those key elements to make sure you learn, implement and get results!

Emma Back

Avant-Folk Live Looping Artist, Vocalist, Violinist.

I have been dreaming about creating an online course for 6 years. I had tried a few times, but failed completely. When I started the program, I only had 100 people on my list and I was burned out on teaching 30 1:1 students every single week and feeling hopeless about how to grow my income and get out of the time-for-money hamster wheel.

During the program, I not only grew my list to 350 people and counting, but I Launched My Damn Course with 6 registrations, more than doubling my investment, in the middle of the Covid-19. I went on to launch and sell it out again 4 months later at a $500 price point with a waitlist! Then just four months after that, I raised the price to $1,000 and nearly sold it out again!

I have also gone on to enroll over 50% of all participants in my course into a graduate membership program where I receive consistent monthly income! And even more than the money, I am enjoying my work like never before and I am growing an amazing community of the high-vibe clients I've always dreamed of!

Natalie's crystal clear methods, fierce love and complete passion for empowering her students has absolutely changed my life and the outlook of my career! She helped me work through massive self- doubt and fear!I've discovered a whole new pathway for my business and I now feel confident, inspired and so excited when I wake up every day, with dozens of new email signups to my list and a course I can now continue to grow enrollments and income from, every time I launch.

Do yourself a favour, take Natalie's Accelerator! 

Melissa Deally

Registered Health Coach

I highly recommend Natalie's Accelerator. I learned SO much, and was challenged to step into processes that I've otherwise chosen to avoid until now, such as really nailing my ideal Avatar, finding my sweet spot, and learning to build my mailing list.I've really enjoyed the weekly coaching sessions and co-working sessions, that create "no excuses" for getting your stuff done! Natalie is wonderfully supportive and accessible with any questions I had, and is a joy to work with, as she's so personable, relatable and patient with those of us that are a bit behind the times when it comes to technology! This is not just a course about HOW to do it. I actually launched and made sales! Thank you Natalie for creating a fabulous online experience, and delivering it in such a user friendly manner. You set the bar high!

Cathy Goddard

Lighthouse Mentor Network

When I wanted to learn how to create an online course, I immediately went to Natalie because I knew she would deliver over the top value.  The Accelerator that she has created is unlike anything out there in the marketplace. Natalie generously shares her diverse and deep knowledge in digestible pieces and easy to understand layman’s language.  Along with a blend of coaching calls, follow up, personalised accountability and an authentic, approachable style - our group of like-minded entrepreneurs rocked it.  My first online course is launched and selling!

Katie Anderson

CEO of KBJ Anderson & author of Learning to Lead, Leading to Learn

I loved how the course was not just valuable in terms of content, but it also helped demonstrate what a great course could look like (using the platform as a customer, how to set up a successful course, how to access the videos, etc.). I loved having the community forum, as the support between sessions was invaluable! The weekly emails where we could get feedback from Natalie each week was fab.

Sergey Helmar

Change + Project Manager

The sheer experience of this entire Accelerator made it for me. You have such a professional approach, great content and so much patience with students. Two months ago I knew literally nothing about this stuff - today it is a big part of my life. Now I have seen how much effort it must have taken you to put together, I feel it is a very good investment AND I believe it should be twice the price. This is an awesome course and Natalie you’re a great teacher and coach.

What can I expect to learn and implement in 60 days?

There are four foundational learning modules, released every two weeks, to make sure you have everything you need, as you need it, to nail your launch!

Module 1: Validate your course idea and ideal customer.
Week 1 + 2
Module 1 - Validate Your Course Idea And Ideal Audience

"This first module of your course has been worth the price of admission alone. Thank you! I validated the idea I’m most passionate about, I discovered another big pain point that I hadn’t considered at all, I have a clear picture of Chris, my Avatar and I came up with the mini-course /magnet idea."


~ Jim Greer

Before you go dreaming up a course you need to understand how to leverage your sweetspot!  Then we figure out who needs what you have to offer, who your ideal customer is and get inside their heads to understand exactly how you can help them and what value they will place on your course. This is the key stage that so many course creators miss. Not you though!

  • Lesson 1: Finding Your Sweetspot
  • Lesson 2: Three Types of Courses
  • Lesson 3: Finding Your Course Idea
  • Lesson 4: Validating Your Course Idea
  • Lesson 5: Creating Your Ideal Customer Avatar
Module 2: Build your email list and early buzz.
Week 3 + 4
Module 2 - Build Your Email List And Early Buzz

“We started our promotion in March just as we headed into COVID lockdown and prototyped a programme of weekly content and monthly group coaching for flower growers, which was all FREE. We went from zero to 160 people in our Facebook Group and 169 on our email list. We signed up 97 people to our programme on Podia on a free trial and are now converting them to sales!”


~ Julie Treanor

Without an audience and a group of people who are already interested in what you have to offer, your launch will be a flop and you'll only hear crickets when you open up to pre-sell. This module will show you all the ways in which you can reach and enroll your ideal customer. Then it's up to you do to the work and make it happen!

  • Lesson 1: Creating Your Email List Offering
  • Lesson 2: The Two Best Email Service Providers To Use
  • Lesson 3: Which Platforms To Host Your Course On
  • Lesson 4: Seven Ways To Build Your Email List
  • Lesson 5: How To Build Buzz And Drive Traffic
Module 3: Launch, market and pre-sell your course!
Week 5 + 6
Module 3 - Launch, Market And Pre-sell Your Course

Natalie you’re a master at online business and you helped me hone in on invaluable details like finding my ideal customer, organizing my expertise into a clear system and using powerful language to communicate what my course is about that I never would have been able to do alone.”

~ Emma Back

This is it. The moment you've been working towards. This is the stage where you put the pedal to the metal and make shit happen. By following my proven methods, checklists, templates and swipe copy, you will feel ready and confident to market and pre-sell your course like a BOSS!

  • Lesson 1: Revisit Your Sweetspot
  • Lesson 2: Revisit Your Avatar
  • Lesson 3: Create Your Course Framework
  • Lesson 4: Naming Your Course
  • Lesson 5: The 12 Steps Sales Page Method
  • Lesson 6: Your Ideal Course Structure
  • Lesson 7: How To Price Your Course And Set Juicy Goals
  • Lesson 8: Setting Up Your Sales Page
  • Lesson 9: Commit To Your Launch
Module 4: Create and deliver your course LIVE
Week 7 + 8
Module 4 - Create And Deliver Your Course LIVE

“Landing page and intro video done. Sent out my first newsletter promotion for the free mini course. Shared intro video all over social media. Pre-sold spots on my course. I guess I’d better start filming the course then!”

~ Dave Crix

Once you start seeing course sales coming in and students enrolling you will no doubt freak out that you haven't actually created your course yet! But don't worry it's all part of the plan. Pre-sell your course first THEN deliver and knock their socks off. This is the part you will do live and I will make sure you that you have a plan of attack of exactly how to deliver your course easily and effectively on your pilot run.

  • Lesson 1: Create Your Course In 90 Minutes!
  • Lesson 2: The Best Tools To Create Your Course
  • Lesson 3: To Script Or Not To Script
  • Lesson 4: Pre-recording Your Course
  • Lesson 5: Recording Your Course Live
  • Lesson 6: How To Create Your Online Course On Podia And Teachable
NEW: Bonus Facebook Ads Training To Get More Leads + Sales

I've bought in the Facebook Ads Top Gun, Jackie Muscat to dish the dirt on how to get more leads and sales.

  • Lesson 1: Why Most Facebook Ads Flop
  • Lesson 2: The Most Important Place To Start From
  • Lesson 3: Do I Need A Lot Of Money To Run Ads To My Freebie Or To My Sales Page?
  • Lesson 4: Is There A Good Time To Start Running My List-building Ads?
  • Tutorial: £5/$5 A Day Ad Buildout Walkthrough
  • Tutorial: Ads Manager Walkthrough

Real honest feedback from Alumni Students on their launch experiences

Katie Anderson nailed her online workshop and made $3K
Katie Anderson

Katherine Leamy went from freebie girl to getting paid!
Katherine Leamy

You'll also get these awesome Bonuses! 

I'm a firm believer that the right resources at the right time are KEY to support your learning and action taking. So when you enroll in my Accelerator you'll also receive these 8 bonuses:

Bonus 1
Weekly Accountability Email

Valued at $200

Enjoy a weekly email from me designed to keep you focused and on track. I will personally reply with any advice or answers to get you unstuck.

Bonus 2
12 Step Sales Page Template

Valued at $97

This template is freaking gold. Simply fill in the blanks and you'll find yourself with a high-converting and rockstar sales page that sells your course like hotcakes. 

Bonus 3
Copy and Paste Launch Emails

Valued at $97

If you don't know what the heck to write to get your audience or community interested in what you have to offer, then 'steal' my email templates designed to convert browsers into buyers.

Bonus 4
Ideal Avatar Template + Questionnaire

Valued at $47

Finding your ideal customer avatar is so damn important. Use my template that gives you the exact questions to ask to understand them and their problems so you can solve them.

BONUS 5: Content Launch Plan

Valued at $47

Welcome to your very own content plan - just follow the exact plan outlined on our spreadsheet to know exactly when you should release your content and what the heck you should be talking about during the four stages I teach you in getting your course idea out of your head and making sales!

BONUS 6: Branding + Canva Templates

Valued at $500

I’ve got the most beautiful CANVA templates up-for-grabs. They’re plug-and-play, so you can switch them up and make them yours to design your course logo and visuals for your sales page and social media. You’ll also get an instruction video telling you exactly how to the programme. Too delish!

BONUS 7: 30 Social Media Prompts to Swipe

Valued at $67

Grab these copy and paste social media posts that you can use when you're validating your killer course idea, building buzz and launching. We've got you covered. You will feel in total control when you use these like a Boss.

BONUS 8: Launch Funnel Template + Online Tutorial

Valued at $67

Don't have a sales funnel in place or even know what one is? It's the ticket to you turning new leads into raving fans. Without one you're missing out on building your email list and making daily sales. So I'm giving you my launch Funnel template so you can customize to make your own. Plus a sweet tutorial walking you through how to optimise it. 

Plus get these Bonuses if you join before Feb 20th

1-hour Practice Your Brave Masterclass

Valued at $197

Natalie and Ashleigh know all about nerves! And we know that nerves can cause problems.
Ashleigh is a trained performer who knows how to smash the nerves. We'll look at practical exercises you can do to get the nerves under control, and raise your confidence levels through the roof - on camera, on stage and live.

Master Your Mindset Mini Course

Valued at $197

Learn what it really takes to develop the confidence you need to silence your inner critic, smash through your doubts, and make your online course a raging success!

About Your Teacher, Natalie...

Hi. I'm Natalie Sisson, an Online Business Strategist, Author, Speaker, Podcaster, Teacher and lover of handstands.

For the last 10 years I've been designing, creating and selling over 30 online courses to the tune of $600,000 in revenue with 80% profit margins!

From mini launches through to the full shebang, I've done it all and along the way learned all the things you really need to do to rock a launch as well as some awesome screwups and failures that have provided me with the best education around how to launch right!

My courses are designed to get you results while empowering you to apply what you learn in the best way. 

My superpower is bringing fantastic people together to support each other in this learning, while I crack the whip (in a loving and supportive way) to get you past your own roadblocks so you take massive action.

I've designed this accelerator to give you the confidence to believe in yourself, and take mini steps towards designing, validating and pre-selling your course, by sharing only the most important things you need to know and do to be successful.

My mission is to prove to you that your skills, knowledge and experience are what people need and will pay for.

Osmaan Sharif

Rapid Transformation

I loved how the Launch Your Damn course was super practical and filled with many useful ways to save me time and energy. It’s generated me over £4000 and I haven’t even launched my course yet!

Jim Greer

Having real access to somebody like you made a huge difference. That was a huge selling point for me and I wasn't disappointed.

Hear from my wonderful students!

10 X return on investment. Almost $1500 in sales in her first launch and grew her email list by 250 subscribers during the pandemic.  Then she went on to sell out her next round and make $4,000 and have a waitlist!

Emma Back from

$4,500 in course sales with a tiny list and engaged real estate clients

Roxanne Reid from Hestia Marketing

2.5 years of wanting to launch to 7 sales in a week and $1500 in revenue!

Jenny Lachs from Digital Nomad Girls

Added almost 150 subscribers to list organically, made affiliate sales and is set to launch her course this month!
"Honestly this really is an amazing course, I totally loved it." ~ Siobhain Danaher

Robin Finney overcame her fear of launching and created an Oracle Party!

Robin Finney

Kate Nankivell got a 2.5X return on her investment in the Accelerator and made sales in her sleep!

Kate Nankivell

Ruby McGill

Manager, Hydro Plumbing 

When stepping outside of your comfort zone it can be easy to lose focus at the first hurdle. 

Being part of Natalie's Accelerator enabled me to push through my own road blocks and connect with and be inspired by like-minded people.

Natalie was awesome at keeping me accountable and motivated to finally launch my first online course on mastering Type 1 Diabetes.

Dr Claudia Gross

Transformation Catalyst

HUGE thank you to Natalie for supporting us on this path and nourishing a huge sense of "It's really possible!" and "you can do it and you have to share your gifts".

Natalie offered so many doable exercises, practice-oriented knowledge and valuable transformations with ease. Our regular calls, sharing our wins and challenges, committing to our actions for the week ahead were the key ingredients.

I loved how approachable she is as well as caring and sharing her insights authentically, supporting all of us and me to make progress beyond my wildest expectations. 

Bodil Berling

Chief Playfulness Coach

In the Accelerator Natalie provided a safe space for us for accountability and support.  I would not have launched my course made my first two sales online EVER, if I had not had this group support and the friendly nudges from Natalie!

Not only that, with her huge experience as an online entrepreneur Natalie is able to shift between coaching and expert role, so having access to her for my course launch meant having a personal hotline to all the information and advice I needed.

No hype. Just value, knowledge and results.

This Accelerator is designed to ensure you pre-sell your minimum viable course and make the price of this live course back and even double or triple your investment.

I'm here to get you results and show you what a lucrative revenue stream online courses can be. Imagine receiving an extra income of $1,000 or $5,000 or $10,000 per month once you've tested, validated and pre-sold your course?!

What's more you can continue to grow and scale that without you personally having to work longer or harder. That's the beauty of being able to scale a course beyond yourself.

If you agree to turn up and commit for the full 60 days, I agree to provide personalised coaching and teaching to make sure you get:

  • Clarity on what you’re creating
  • Answers to questions when you need them
  • Direct coaching, feedback and reviews from me as you progress
  • Dedicated time to learn and implement
  • Strategic short-cuts to help you leap ahead
  • Support and cheerleading for the natural dips and highs

Who is this Accelerator ideal for?

It is ideal for anyone wanting to teach others what they know, like, are naturally good at, or are learning and applying themselves.

Yes it is that simple. You are unique and you have unique gifts to share with the world.

  • You’d like to turn your hard-earned knowledge into an income stream
  • You’ve ever wondered if you have the skills to teach an online course
  • You’re taking your offline business online
  • You’re looking to earn more income from your “side hustle”
  • You want to extend your reach and influence by sharing what you know
  • You’re a coach, trainer, consultant, freelancer, or influencer seeking new revenue opportunities.

It is NOT for people who:

  • Aren't prepared to commit, show up and do the work
  • Won't block out their calendar in advance to make time to go on this journey
  • Can't get out of their own way and want to stick to their excuses 
  • Are not prepared to invest in themselves fully or spend money where needed.

Launching and selling your own damn course is the BEST way to impact others and transform your own!

Jennifer Campbell

Founder of

Natalie’s Launch your Damn Course  has been inspiring. The content is excellently organized, clear, and engaging. Her videos and workbooks are concise and helpful – and it’s great to be able to review them over and over again! I have been able to narrow down my own focus, make practical strides based on her guidance and stay motivated thanks to her quick, on-point, and meaningful feedback

Helen Dibble

Copywriter and Agency Founder

At the time I invested in your Accelerator, my email marketing list was meagre and my community was poor. It was no surprise that the first course I created sold just twice. But that didn’t stop me! I knew I had valuable information to share and a burning desire to be of service. I've successfully pre-sold and launched three time and made £6,400 from my online course and made 10X back on my investment in your Accelerator!

I’m now building a membership and harnessing Instagram to grow my community further. Natalie taught me the magic of validating and selling an idea before you build it, and the power of a strong email marketing list and community. Lessons I’ll remember and reuse for life!

What type of courses can I create?

I have the most amazing variety of students and courses who have gone through my Accelerator from a wide range of industries and backgrounds.

Here's a sample of course areas they created in:

  • Getting paid gigs for your band
  • Making healthy flower cream butter cupcakes
  • Project management for Real Estate Marketing Agents
  • Overcoming Anxiety and gaining confidence 
  • Becoming a digital nomad
  • Change Management in a VUCA world
  • How to get a better sleep
  • How to create exceptional guest experiences on AirBnB
  • Flower Farmer's Business Know-How
  • Singer Songwriter to Stage Performer
  • Leadership and development
  • How to charge the right fees and earn more as a copywriter
  • How to create and design active wear
  • Oracle Card Reading
  • Leadership and Leading Learner Principles 
  • And so many more!

80% of my students start with a tiny email list and often no idea of what their course will be. Yet they've gone on to make tens of thousands in course sales. 

Websites were built, sales pages written, ideal avatars found, courses created, curriculums designed, optins created, lists were massively grown. 

More importantly mindsets were shifted to one of belief and confidence that making money online and launching their damn course was entirely up to them and completely achievable.

60 Day Accelerator

  • Lifetime Access to Launch Your Damn Course
  • 4 Foundational Course Modules
  • 4 Fantastic Module Workbooks 
  • 4 X Group 60 minute Coaching Calls 
  • Bonus NEW Module: Facebook ads that convert
  • 8 Incredible Bonuses: Golden 12 Step Sales Page Template, Copy and Paste Launch Email Templates + Social Media Posts, Canva Design Templates + more
  • The Online Launch Toolkit with the best free and paid tools you'll need for your successful launch
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • (Priceless)
  • $1,000
  • $200
  • $600
  • $200
  • $1,200
  • $60
  • $250

That’s $3,430 worth of value!


You missed out!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee for 60-Days

I stand firmly and proudly behind this 60 Day Accelerator designed to get you results. Your success is my number one focus. If, at the end of the 60 Day period you have not made one sale, even after going through the four online modules and implementing what you've learned, and attending all the live group coaching and co-working calls, I will gladly refund you in full. You can even keep access to the course materials and bonuses. I've got your back remember!


When does this start and how much time will I need?

We officially kick off the week beginning March 1st when you will get access to the first foundational module. We will finish on April 29, 2021.

In terms of time, the more you can set aside and lock in to work on the course modules and implementation, the more likely you are to have a successful presell and launch!

I'd suggest that a minimum of 2-3 hours per week is needed and that will be a solid amount of time to really make progress.

Plus each week an hour for the coaching or coworking call (and these are inbuilt working sessions - bonus!).

What dates are the live coaching calls?

There are 4 x 60-minute coaching calls in total, where you get to ask me anything and have laser-focused coaching on you, or learn from others doing the same.

Live Call times: Wednesday, March 3, 17, 31, April 14 at 8pm GMT time. This is 3pm EST | 12pm PST | Thursday at 9am NZ time.

There's also a Bonus Wrap-up and Celebration Call on Wednesday, April 28th at 8pm GMT time. This is 3pm EST | 12pm PST | Thursday, April 29th at 9am NZ time.

Use this handy tool to see the time it will be for you

What can I expect in our private Facebook Group?

This is a supportive space where you can ask questions you have about the course lessons as they're released and you're working through them. It's perfect for support and coaching in between our live coaching calls and for getting advice from your peers and previous cohort students who've been where you are and launched.

Plus I'll personally be going live in there once a week to set your focus and hold you accountable.

Will I get access to all the lessons at once?

You'll get immediate access to Module 1 and the lessons, which are all designed to be short, sweet, and actionable.

This is the most fundamental and foundational module so it's worth taking the time to go through it, and use the workbook to work through your actions.
Module 2 will go live two weeks later, module 3 two weeks after that and module 4, yep you guessed it, two weeks after that.

This is so you don't get overwhelmed and focus on what's most important at the time I'm delivering it to you, so you launch your damn course!

Will I actually create and launch an entire course?

Nope. While this is called Launch Your Damn Course, and that's exactly what I want for you to do, it's not about creating all the content and structure (you will work on that though to an extent).

It's actually about understanding what you offer, validating your audience, and launching your course sales page to pre-sell your course before doing all that work!

Then once you have actual sales and students enrolled you can run your course live at a date that feels doable to you and lets you prepare and deliver as you go, based on what you've designed.

Will I need to invest in anything else aside from this?

Great question and most likely yes, especially if you want a professional-looking course and eventually a thriving online business.

During the Accelerator I will be sharing a few key tools that will make your life easier such as an email provider if you don't have one, a course platform provider (easy to use and affordable), and other free and paid for tools to make sure you have a great launch.

It's up to you what you wish to invest in and you may even end up saving money when I share what you really need versus what you may already have. I'd budget around $100-200 tops.


Here’s What You Can Expect In My Unique Accelerator

This is a LIVE 60 Day Accelerator designed to get you to take massive action so that by day 60 you will have already pre-sold at least one spot on your course before you've even created it - and no doubt have paid back what you invested in this course!

You will be doing this alongside your fellow friends who are part of this Accelerator and just as committed as you are to making this happen. 

#1. Online Micro Learning

We work best with short, sharp bite-sized learning where we can take immediate action. The course modules in this are designed to be engaging, effective and quick to implement. You'll be able to login at anytime and learn at your own pace as the modules are released. These will be available as video, audio and transcripts and come with templates or resources where needed.

#2. Online Group Coaching

Every two weeks starting March 3 at 8pm GMT time we will come together for an intimate live group coaching session on Zoom, where we will check in with each other and you will share your wins and challenges, before deep diving into having me coach you on whatever you need to move forward and launch!

#3. Cool Course Community

Learning needs action to be effective, so that's why you'll get access to our private Facebook group, where you can share wins and challenges, ask questions, post updates and receive awesome support, answers, motivation and help 24/7.

#4. Accountability and Support

You will be cheered, supported and held accountable on this 60 day journey by me with a weekly email that keeps you on track, focused and where I will personally reply to any challenges you have and coach you through it.

Jenny Lachs

Digital Nomad Girls

Natalie has designed the course content and the accompanying coaching and coworking calls in such a way that I didn't ever feel overwhelmed by content; it was bite-sized and actionable and really FUN! I managed to finally put my first course out there, something I'd procrastinated on for over 2 years! Thank you Natalie!

Here's what more students have to say

Chris Callananan

Founder of

What I liked most was the accountability, and having Natalie on hand to answer my questions because in the past I have got stuck on even the most simple decisions and wasted time on the wrong things. 

It helped me get a sense of momentum, moving past those blocks, and I loved the group support. I loved the personal feedback from Natalie and the way she simplified the process. It really feels doable now, and I can't believe I let such small things stop me in the past. 

But they seemed like big things back then. I'm feeling so much more positive that I can do this!

Sarah Potter

Marketing Consultant, Coach and Cake lover

Natalie's Accelerator allowed me to learn so many golden nuggets of information to get my course in good shape, not just from the direct coaching I received but from observing the rest of the teams journeys in the group calls.

The coaching sessions were brilliant to give me the kick up the bum and energy I needed to know I wasn’t alone in this journey. I loved seeing how differently we were all approaching things and learning from each other as well as Natalie.

I believe you can do this.

I truly believe that there is no better time than now to launch your damn course.

If you've been holding back for years because you don't think you have what it takes, or you're overwhelmed by the technical set up, or you think you can't afford to invest in yourself, or worse - you simply think it won't work for you...I hear you. 

I had all the same doubts when I created my first course. But when I struggled through with no help and made my very first sale of $297 I was THRILLED. I couldn't believe it!

That's why I designed this Accelerator - to alleviate all those worries, because I'm right here with you, guiding, teaching, coaching and showing you step by step how to do this for yourself and sharing only what you need to know and do so you can avoid the long nights, tears and money wasted that I did over the years.

Remember, this an experience where you're supported and held accountable to get over any roadblock and make launching your course a reality. 

Imagine how amazing you will feel when you've made your first sale and are on your way to create a real revenue stream by getting paid to be uniquely you and making an impact in other peoples' lives by helping them?

Damn amazing that's how. Let's do this!