February 11

Day 11: Weed Out Your Negative Thoughts to Make Way for the Positive


Did you know we humans have 60,000 thoughts a day. A day!

What’s more, research shows that most of those are negative thoughts.

In his book ‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari’, Robin Sharma refers to negative thoughts as weeds that are growing so fast they’re taking over your mind.

I’ve definitely been experiencing more and more of that recently, and then I realised I’d not been doing a good job of getting in my mind and pulling out all the weeds, as fast as they come up.

As a result I was allowing these weeds (negative thoughts) to dominate my mind, versus beautiful, positive and abundant thoughts (flowers) that could blossom.

The mind is a place to be nurtured and designed by you.

The more we clean up our garden so to speak, and remove all those weeds, the more we can fill our mind with the thoughts and visions for our best possible life.

We also need to carefully guard our mind and make sure we control the negative thoughts (weeds) so they get removed as quickly as possible, to make way for the reality we want.

This is reinforced by this excellent video interview with Dr Joe Dipenza on why we get stuck in these negative, recurring patterns and thoughts.

It’s a must watch and only 13 minutes and will give you many ah-ha moments.

If you want to change your life it starts with changing your thoughts, and Joe recommends meditation as the first step to all of this.

I’m on a mission this year, it’s one of my goals in fact, to deepen my practice and understanding of meditation. 

I’m that determined to regain control of my mind and fill it with the vision I have for my life and work, so that it becomes my new reality.

Join me on my 29 day Live video Challenge for all of February and if you want to do it too use the hashtag #29dayslive so I can find you and cheer you on.


Want to join me?

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If you feel inspired to go live everyday for your personal growth and to get out of your comfort zone, comment below.

I’ll be embedding my video once it’s done into a daily blog post, so you can share your link to yours in the comments and use the hashtag #29dayslive so I can track you and be your cheerleader.

Tag me on Instagram @nataliesisson if you’re going to go live there or YouTube.

Let’s do this!


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