February 17

Day 14: Why it is so Important to Take Time Out


Why is it so important to create more freedom in business and adventure in life?

For those of you have read my Suitcase Entrepreneur book that is the tagline and my philosophy for life that I live by.

Taking time out during your work day to just be, relax, read, paint, get out in nature, or do something completely unrelated to work has been PROVEN to have profound benefits.

It increases your creativity, focus and energy among many other benefits.

Ironically, last year I put too much focus on work, and while I did use my triathlon training to get out and about all over the country in amazing places, what I lacked was pure time out.

Time out to just chill, relax, recharge or adventure and it showed after a full year, I nearly burned out!

Never again. Back to living and breathing what I preach and KNOW has profound benefits on your life and gives you more freedom.

Day 14 is shot at Patuna Chasm, New Zealand where Ruby, Joni and I hiked and ‘swam’ in the river for 3 hours of pure joy and great conversation!

You don’t need to go on a hike to achieve more balance, creativity and joy in your life, little moments of freedom and free time everyday, add up to whole new you and way of living life.

Join me on my 29 day Live video Challenge for all of February and if you want to do it too use the hashtag #29dayslive so I can find you and cheer you on.

Want to join me?

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If you feel inspired to go live everyday for your personal growth and to get out of your comfort zone, comment below.

I’ll be embedding my video once it’s done into a daily blog post, so you can share your link to yours in the comments and use the hashtag #29dayslive so I can track you and be your cheerleader.

Tag me on Instagram @nataliesisson if you’re going to go live there or YouTube.

Let’s do this!


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