February 24

Day 23: The Five Love Languages and How to Interpret Them


Have you heard of the 5 love languages? 💓

Do you want to know the five love languages and how to interpret them?

Heck yes you do as it will transform your relationships!

The Five Love Languages is a great book by Gary Chapman that has fundamentally helped transform my relationships with my love, friends, family and even in being able to understand other people better.

There’s good reason it’s sold more than 12 million copies worldwide, because it helps you and I to better understand how we want to receive love.

As well as how we like to show love to others.

The thing is if you have a different love language to your partner, family, or dear friends, the messages you give off can come across in the wrong way and not be received with the love you’re giving.

Likewise if your partner shows love in their way and it’s not your love language, you’ll never be appreciating the richness of the love you can have, because it’s not resonating with you.

I share the 5 love languages in this video and how I interpret and use them with the people I love in my life.

If you take a moment to watch, I promise I’ll shed some light on how to love more effectively and have your love returned just how you like and appreciate it.

Do leave a comment below if you know your love language.

Join me on my 29 day Live video Challenge for all of February and if you want to do it too use the hashtag #29dayslive so I can find you and cheer you on.


Want to join me?

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If you feel inspired to go live everyday for your personal growth and to get out of your comfort zone, comment below.

I’ll be embedding my video once it’s done into a daily blog post, so you can share your link to yours in the comments and use the hashtag #29dayslive so I can track you and be your cheerleader.

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Let’s do this!


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