February 9

Day 9: The Benefits of Daily Yoga (with Adrienne)


I’m a HUGE fan of yoga. I feel like a million dollars every time I roll my mat up after a session.

Yet I recall when I did my first session back in my early 20s, that I thought it was too slow for my liking (back when I was an aerobics and strengths junkie doing high energy classes).

But I recall coming away from that class feeling really calm and grounded and quite surprised at how I enjoyed it.

20 years later and I’ve gone on to continue to adopt yoga into my lifestyle more and more, and in 2020 I’m committing to daily yoga, one month at a time.

These days I can’t imagine not waking up to do my morning yoga ritual, with Adrienne or my own flow session.

There are so many benefits of yoga including:

✅increased flexibility.

✅increased muscle strength and tone.

✅improved respiration, energy and vitality.

✅maintaining a balanced metabolism.

✅weight reduction.

✅cardio and circulatory health.

✅improved athletic performance.

✅protection from injury.

But there’s one that I mention in this video that is the most important, in my opinion to YOU that makes Yoga transformative.

I highly recommend my fave guide Adrienne for free at home yoga.

Check out my Energising Morning Routine that includes Yoga.

Join me on my 29 day Live video Challenge for all of February and if you want to do it too use the hashtag #29dayslive so I can find you and cheer you on.


Want to join me?

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If you feel inspired to go live everyday for your personal growth and to get out of your comfort zone, comment below.

I’ll be embedding my video once it’s done into a daily blog post, so you can share your link to yours in the comments and use the hashtag #29dayslive so I can track you and be your cheerleader.

Tag me on Instagram @nataliesisson if you’re going to go live there or YouTube.

Let’s do this!


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