September 16

EPS 84: Ditch Perfectionism And Take Action With Natalie Tolhopf


Are you a perfectionist DONE with trying to be perfect?

Does any of this sound like you:
You’ve been so busy tweaking your website after a year and you’re just ready to launch it.
You’ve been sitting on a book idea and you’re ready to just write the damn book.
You’re ready to launch a business but you’ve been putting it off for way too long.

Are you done waiting and ready to get moving on your dreams?

Then, what if I told you that overcoming perfectionism is much easier than you think? The world needs you to tap into your full potential, the world needs what you have to teach and share. Are you shaking your head behind the screen? Thinking to yourself, yep that’s me! I am ready to ditch my perfectionism. Then this week’s episode is for you!

Our guest on the Untapped Podcast this week is no stranger to perfectionism, Natalie Tolhopf was a professional chef. A career that certainly demands a touch of perfection, in order to create and duplicate masterpiece meals night after night. When Natalie came into the business world, her perfectionism came with her. She learned to overcome perfectionism and tap into her potential and now it is her mission for you to do the same.

After 2 failed business attempts, Natalie learned that mindset, action, and consistency are what truly make you unstoppable. She learned how to ditch perfectionism for good, say goodbye to imposter syndrome, and harness her superpowers.

We talk all things perfectionism in this episode, including the numbing mechanisms you may be using to avoid the mindset work it takes to get over perfectionist patterns. We even dive into the one thing that sets you apart from the people who are making all of their dreams happen. Get ready to tune inward and get aligned with your purpose in this episode!

Come find out how Natalie’s built-in BS detector can help you build a business in a way that’s right for you. There are so many actionable steps packed into this episode for you to let go of your inner perfectionist for good! In this episode you’ll uncover:

  • How Natalie went from 2 failed businesses to her successful dream business
  • How you can overcome perfectionism and go for what you really want
  • What “imperfect action” is and how you can start taking it!
  • Why “failures” are actually good things
  • The ONE thing that sets you apart from the people you’re watching create success

Tune in to the episode using this magic link which will open up in your chosen podcast player!

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