January 11

EPS 100: Celebrating 100 Episodes: You Asked Me Anything!


We all have milestones in life: a 21st, a 30th, a 40th, 25 years working for one company, a 60th wedding anniversary. This is one of those days! 

It’s the 100th episode of my podcast, UNTAPPED. And in celebrating 100 episodes, you asked me anything!

I was pretty jazzed when I got back after my December holiday to find that my team had arranged this. What a surprise and honour to get questions from my wonderful listeners, who tune in to my podcast and who I create it for every week.

In this episode, I bought in a special guest, Josh, my partner, who knows me best. He asked me all your questions…and I was an open book.

From overnight successes, the best (and hardest) things about being an entrepreneur; my obsession with teal; my fave foods and who I was as The Suitcase Entrepreneur; to my time at school; growing up in New Zealand; and all the details about my new book, Suck It Up Princess, we talk about it ALL!

In this episode (which is a vlog!) we uncover: 

  • The best and most difficult parts of being an entrepreneur;
  • Why we love our clients (and how to deal with those you don’t);
  • My advice for finishing that big project you’ve been stuck on;
  • Your questions about how to go from not knowing anything about business to earning 10K a month; and
  • How to start having deeper conversations with everyone you meet (even when you’re networking).

Tune into episode 100 here.

If you want to watch the Youtube video, watch below!


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If you want to find out more about my books you can do that here.

Aaaaand because I am all about books this month, check out my recommended reading list for 2021 as chosen by my $10K Club Queens. 


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