January 18

EPS 101: The Power of Feng Shui For Your Business with Patricia Lohan


The Power of Feng Shui. Huh? Yup. This is something we have never looked at on the Untapped Podcast before. It’s a brand new topic from a brand new guest. 

So, pull up a rug, open the door, face away from the wall, and feel the love in your room, as we dive into The Power of Feng Shui for your business with Patrica Lohan. 

Feng shui means ‘good health’ and ‘good harvest.’ It’s about making your home a healthy and supportive space so you can be more abundant. You activate each area in the house so that the energy flows better. It can be as simple as introducing a new quilt into your home office, or a fluffy rug under your feet.

But this podcast isn’t just about the practice. It’s also about the fierceness that is Patricia Lohan.

She’s a savvy businesswoman of note who sits super-comfortably in her power. She discovered feng shui when she was 16, and when she moved to Bali she started sharing her knowledge about the ancient practice. Social media, a course, tons of people…and BAM! Major success.

Creator of Feng Shui Mastery, and author of The Happy Home: A Guide to a Happy, Healthy, Wealthy Life, Patricia helps women make their homes magnetic to money, luck and blessings – and she’s helped thousands of people across the globe embrace it. She’s also helped people create lasting change in their homes, lives, and businesses. 

And if you’re like…Natalie? Feng shui? I thought this was a business and mindset podcast, get this:

Bank of America, Disney, Merrill Lynch, every Whole Foods across America…all feng shui’d. This is not just for people who are kinda ‘hippied’. British Airways, all the Body Shops…feng shui’d like nobody’s business.

And it doesn’t mean you have to break down walls or move all your furniture around. It can be waaaay simpler than that.

In this podcast, we talk about:

  • How to use feng shui to support your dreams and get you to your goals faster;
  • How it relates to the law of attraction and why it might be the missing piece;
  • How to create a happier life and business, and make more money.
  • Trusting your gut and trusting your BUSINESS; and
  • Finding friction points in your house and getting rid of them.

Feng shui is about a connection to the now and to the future; to what you want; to the things that are alive and vibrant and good. Remember that the next time you’re in your office, making bizz plans and creating your vision boards.

Tune into episode 101 here.


Want more Patricia love in your life? Visit patricialohan.com and download her guide to feng shui your office.

I believe in manifestation big-time, and I jammed with Lana Shlafer about it in this podcast last year.

And a little while ago I did a live video challenge every day for 29 days to explore personal growth and to get out of my comfort zone, and on Day 17 I decluttered my wardrobe! What a vibe.


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