January 25

EPS 102: They Came, They Launched an Online Course, They Conquered – A Tell-All


Owning a digital course business is the single most powerful and exciting way to make an impact in the world while growing your income. Once you’ve launched an online course, so many incredible opportunities open up for you.

Just imagine this: you create something once. You put in the work. You invest. And then…it pays you for the rest of your life.

Yet, if you’re reading this, you’re likely just thinking about how to create your first online course, let alone turning this into an online business, right?!

My guests in today’s episode of the UNTAPPED podcast are course-creating goddesses who were thinking the exact same thing. Fast forward 60 days and they had pre-sold their first-ever online courses and were on their way to launching. 

This is the beauty of starting your course: that single idea can give you a TON of flexibility in terms of content creation, so long as it’s based on what your clients need.

And I find that fascinating. It’s like, the number of courses you could create over time is never-ending, and that means your potential for income is almost infinite!

Online courses can give you the opportunity to finally get paid to teach what you already know. This leads to you living life on purpose, and even building a profitable online business (ummm…EMPIRE) that helps others learn and change their lives.

And guess what? NOW is the time!

These three powerful, fierce businesswomen have all been through my Launch Your Damn Course Accelerator and I wanted to tell their stories. Each woman launched an online course and conquered her doubts. How proud am I? I cannot even begin to count the ways!

Katherine Leamy came, and launched her course in 8 weeks!

Katie Anderson had already published a bestselling book, then smashed an amazing paid masterclass and made over $3,000!

Robin Finney created a course, and when she found her ideal client there was no looking back.

In this podcast, we talk about:

  • How online learning gives you a space to connect and learn;
  • How finding your ideal client is a major A-HA moment; 
  • How important it is to start small;
  • Why having a guide and accountability partner is invaluable; and
  • What becomes possible once you’ve launched your course.

We also chat about how the world is still in this space of lockdown and pandemic and how more and more people are joining the online learning space. This year, more platforms will emerge with better technology and more integration. 

And we can all be in on it. How incredible is that?

Tune into episode 102 here.


For more course-creation goodness, check out this blog that details the three top reasons why you should be launching your online course in 2021.

The last time I spoke to Katie Anderson, we jammed about the power of leadership and being a leading learner. This is a must-listen, course-creator.

Download the Ultimate Online Course Creation Starter Kit!


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