February 1

EPS 103: How to Monetise What You ALREADY Have


What is already working for you? What is right there, at your fingertips, waiting to be leveraged into something bigger and better than you ever dreamed possible? In short let’s look at how to monetise what you already have.

I have worked with the most incredible women throughout my career. Women who started something from nothing. Who had an idea and said, “Why the hell not” and just ran with it.

And you can do it too.

Katherine had a blog that she’d been writing for eight years.

Kate had a bestselling leadership book she’d written.

Robin had expertise in, and a MAJOR passion for, reading Oracle cards. 

You can hear all about how they took their already-existing content and knowledge and monetise it by packaging it into an online course here.

They aren’t the only ones.

In this podcast I jam with two extraordinary women who took what they already had right in front of them and created their online courses – so they could maximise their impact and their revenue.

Kate Nankivell is a LinkedIn and business development specialist who helps individuals, teams and organisations leverage the power of LinkedIn for business growth. 

She found that she was getting the same questions over and over again, so…she’s packaged everything she knows into an online course, and considering that LinkedIn has 700 million users, I’d say she’s leveraging what she knows pretty damn well. Her online course teaches people to attract their ideal clients with LinkedIn profile optimisation.

Siobhain Danaher is a LEAN practitioner and travel photographer, and has been blogging about her travels since 2012, and she’s been blogging about the art of positive change since 2017. 

And then she decided, enough was enough! It was time to start making money from this writing thing! She created a paid 90-minute Masterclass called “Create Your Personal Vision” and now has grown that into a 6-week course starting in February! 

In this week’s episode of the UNTAPPED podcast, we look at:

  • How you can take what you already know and earn money from it in your sleep;
  • How fulfilling it is to meet the people who want what you have, and teach it to them;
  • The possibilities that open up for your business once you’ve launched an online course;
  • Why fear will sometimes creep up, and that’s OK;
  • What the Lean Practice method is and how you can apply this to your life and biz;
  • Why LinkedIn is a veritable goldmine for finding your ideal customer and making sales; and
  • All the things you’re doing in your business, that aren’t giving you a return.

If this appeals to you, if you have something you’re sitting on that’s just BEGGING to be turned into something you can share with the world, and use as another revenue stream, then download my FREE Course Creator Starterkit to get going.

This challenge is jam-packed with the direct advice, strategies, and methods to validate and pre-sell your course before you’ve even created it.

If you go on this journey, I’m with you every step of the way.

Let’s pop the champagne!

Tune into episode 103 here.


To check out Kate Nankivell’s LinkedIn GENIUS, visit her website.

To get your personal vision power on, go to Siobhain’s website here.

Download the Ultimate Online Course Creation Starter Kit!


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