February 22

EPS 106: Life Is Hard, What Are You Going To Do About It With Stacey Brass-Russell


If things in your life are tough right now, and you feel stuck, what are you going to do about it?

You’re allowed to feel angry, confused, overwhelmed…all totally normal human emotions. But after you’ve felt those things…what are you going to DO about it? 

This podcast has all the juice and wisdom you’ve been craving to get you over and move beyond whatever isn’t working for you. It’s time to put those big-person panties on and dream again. 

You want to wake up every day saying, YES, DAY! Let’s DO THIS! If you’re not saying that, then a change is going to do you good.

Stacey Brass-Russell is the founder of INSPIRED EVOLUTION™ LLC in New York City and is an evolution life coach and business strategist. Her mission is to inspire and motivate you to step into whatever is happening in life and to use it as a catalyst to activate your resilience, creativity, and power so that you can thrive amidst all of life’s ups and downs and see that change is not a sign of failure but rather your opportunity to EVOLVE.

In this episode we uncover:

  • How being on BROADWAY taught Stacey the best lessons about life;
  • Practical tools you can use to work on your mindset;
  • How to use future declarations (This is powerful);
  • A magic trick for your nervous system to get you vibrating with goodness; and
  • How to step into whatever is going on and use it as a catalyst for change.

By the way, listen in directly on your fave podcast player by clicking this handy link.


Stacey has all kinds of magic on her website, so go and grab that goodness.

Listen to this life-changing talk here, where I spoke with Jennifer Storm about reclaiming your life after trauma.I’m BIG into making life changes, and I speak about how to pivot, start over and succeed in this episode with Kelsey Chapman.

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