March 29

EPS 111: Suck It Up, Princess: A Special Audio Reading For My Heroines


Here it is! A Special Audio Reading For My Heroines! Woot.

What is a book launch without a book reading? It is not a book launch, that’s what!

I am so jazzed because this week I’m reading you a couple of chapters from my new book, Suck it up, Princess. 

Suck It Up, Princess is for women the world over who want to get over your excuses and get on with living a rich, fulfilling and rewarding life, on your own damn terms.

Refreshingly direct and inspiring, this book will show how to finally develop the right mindset, habits and strategies to kick your inner critic, doubts, fears and perfectionism to the curb, and instead kick ass!

I wrote this book because you are a heroine! For real. And you deserve to tap into your hidden potential, and leverage your unique talents and skills to create the life you truly want to live.

Basically, I wrote this book to turn you into a totally unapologetic badass, with radical honesty and a big dose of humour.

It’s packed with my own transformational personal stories, proven methods, and practical advice so you can learn how to:

  • Understand your inner world so you can attract more of what you want
  • Create your own Universe by learning how to build your own moat
  • Open your treasure chest, know your worth and make more money
  • Step into your Queen power with self-compassion, love, and romance.

You can grab your copy here.

But until then, here’s a special audio reading for my heroines. That’s you. Or someone you love.

It’s time to take control, overcome your setbacks, end procrastination (that bitch) and experience more everyday personal and professional freedom!

You deserve the best. How do you give yourself the best? You set boundaries. You sleep. You say no more often. You embrace ease, grace, flow. When you grab these with both hands, that’s when you start wearing your crown, Princess! Change starts with you. So, listen to this, become the master of your sh*t and make it happen!

The book is full of short, quick chapters so that you can dive in whenever you need some advice, inspiration, support (insert your own desire here) and grab a nugget in that moment. Hopefully that’s what this reading will give you, too.

If you’re listening to this, think of it as a sneak preview of what I’ll be releasing on Audible! Lucky you!

In this episode we uncover: 

  • Why you need a really big, freaking moat around you if you want to do your best work
  • That you are not responsible for anyone else’s life but yours
  • The difference between rescuing someone and empowering them
  • Why you should reach out to authors you love (they will love you for it!)
  • Clear steps for setting up boundaries and clear communication

Head here to preorder my book, immediately plus get a beautiful bonus before April 8th.


A couple of weeks ago I chatted all about how you can publish your own book. Listen to it here.

My copywriter, Ashleigh, interviewed me about the book and we had the most epic jam sesh about saying no and wearing your crown (I even wore a crown during the recording. Woot.)

Why am I so into the idea of setting boundaries? Because when you have boundaries, it affects your impact on others. And I believe in that like crazy. Watch my video about this exact thing.

Want to write your own book this year? Check out my epic course Write Your Damn Book to do this in the next 30 days.

Suck It Up, Princess is for women the world over, who want to get over your excuses and get on with living a rich, fulfilling and rewarding life, on your own damn terms.


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