April 26

EPS 115: Untame Your Wild and Own Your Worth Like a Boss with Angie Cole


It’s 2021, lady. Isn’t it time to own your worth like a boss?

No, but really.

Are you playing it safe?

Is there a wilder version of yourself inside of you, waiting (begging) to be released?

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? (That’s me yelling. Not at you. WITH you, you wild beast of gorgeousness.)

When you outsource your self-worth, you just can’t play and experiment and infuse your work with possibility…because you’re too busy trying to please everyone.

 It’s time to unveil all of you so that you have even more potential to design a business you love and get paid to be you. That’s how you own your worth like a boss!

Today I’m talking to Angie Cole about all things wild. We’re mixing it up and jamming about mindset and self-worth, but also super-tactical and practical ways to tap into your potential.

Angie is a coach and mentor who works with gritty, come hell or high water humans determined to create work that keeps them lit up and well-paid. 

What’s stopping you? What’s holding you back? It’s time to step into your truth…because you do not have to settle. It’s time to own your worth like a boss, and get yourself lit up, well-paid and walking on the wild side!

In this episode we uncover: 

  • The untapped potential of our instinct and intuition for life, business and leadership
  • How we’ve entangled our relationship with money to our value and our worth, why that matters and what to do about it
  • What value actually means and how we measure it in our business, and how it’s different from worthiness (this is powerful)
  • Giving ourselves permission to build our businesses and our lives our way (no rules!)


Are you a gritty, come hell or high water human determined to create work that keeps you lit up and well-paid? Then check out more of Angie’s wildness here.

Are you ready to use your unfair advantage to tap into your potential and get paid to be you? It’s time to download my eBook to learn how.

I have sat in moments of pain, and that’s when we become more human and accepting of who we are. But first you have to embrace your inner heroine.

If you’re a badass Queen and you’re ready to be surrounded by other badass Queens and start living all of this every day, then you’re ready to join the $10K Club.

Suck It Up, Princess is for women the world over, who want to get over your excuses and get on with living a rich, fulfilling and rewarding life, on your own damn terms.


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