May 10

EPS 117: 5 Unique Ways to Earn More Income


It’s time! It’s time for 5 more unique ways to earn more income.

This follows on from last week’s episode where we looked at 5 ways to monetise YOU! This is all part of something that you can access right now, and have it delivered straight to your inbox! 

It’s the Monetise You Summit: 10 Ways to $10K Months.

Here are thirty more minutes of awesome for you to listen to, so that you can find out five more ways you can bring in more income, doing things you already know and LOVE, just by being you.

We’re talking FREEDOM, people. Income, bennies and holidays!

Time for you to be YOU.

In this episode we uncover: 

  • How to create online courses and the different things you can do with them to grow your list, grow your income, and teach people what you know
  • Affiliate marketing – say what? Get in on this, because it’s hot. So much is possible!
  • VIP experiences are amazing, for you and your guests. How do you create these and what can they do for you?
  • How service-based businesses can let you share your talent with the world, and charge what you’re worth to scale your income
  • Agencies are POWERFUL. What if you put together a team and hired them out for a retainer? Talk about awesome.


If you’re ready to monetise you then best you get in on all the action by grabbing your ticket to the Monetise You Virtual Summit.

My $10K Club is one year old! I started it as the pandemic hit and it is proof that women can pull together and make things happen in the face of crazy adversity. Apply now to come join us for income and impact.

Here’s last week’s episode of the UNTAPPED podcast where I talk about the 5 killer ways to monetise you.

My team and I worked on a mega-blog you must read, 10 best community platforms for course creators who are done with Facebook.

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Learn from amazing expert speakers and successful entrepreneurs 10 different ways to get paid to be YOU and make $10,000 a month or more!

Get lifetime access to the Monetise You Summit!


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