May 17

EPS 118: 7 Gems of Advice to Monetise You


This week I”m giving you  7 gems of advice to monetise you from some of the successful, powerful, phenomenal women who were part of my first ever Monetise You Summit! 

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Monetise You Summit: 10 Ways to $10K Months. 

It’s jam-packed with tips, advice, wisdom, knowledge and step-by-step action plans for you to start monetising yourself using what you already have!

In this episode we uncover: 

  • How to put together coaching packages that people will buy, making your business scalable;
  • How monetising yourself can get you out of the day-to-day rat race, and give you the freedom you’re craving;
  • How to build up a podcast audience from scratch and how that audience will support your business when you’re ready;
  • That monetising yourself through a blog and growing your business is totally doable;
  • That if you create a solution people are after, that’s half the battle won;
  • How creating a book series is one of the most powerful ways for authors to create multiple income streams;
  • And how to develop your audience as a speaker so you can reach $10K months.


If you’re ready to monetise you then best you get in on all the action by grabbing your ticket to the Monetise You Virtual Summit.

My $10K Club is one year old! I started it as the pandemic hit and it is proof that women can pull together and make things happen in the face of crazy adversity. Apply now to come join us for income and impact.

Here’s last week’s episode of the UNTAPPED podcast where I talk about the 5 unique ways to earn more income.

My team and I worked on a mega-blog you must read, 10 best community platforms for course creators who are done with Facebook.

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