June 7

EPS 121: Behind the Scenes of My First Ever Virtual Summit


Sit back, lean in and learn a ton as I take you behind the scenes of my first ever Virtual Summit, which I ran on May 25-27,with the most incredible speakers from around the world.

It’s called The Monetise You Summit: 10 Ways to Earn 10K a Month and it’s still available for you to access with a VIP pass.

I learned that virtual summits, done right, are one of the most powerful ways to make connections, build credibility, grow your list and your bank account.

I also knew from experience that I wanted this summit to be done differently, and I wanted this whole experience to be fun for my team! That was really important to me.

You know I love full transparency, so in this episode I wanted to reveal the full shebang of how I came up with the idea of this summit, through to actually making it happen (and making it profitable).

I give you the full, honest breakdown of what it was really like putting together my very first summit and how it actually went.

In this episode we uncover: 

  • How to plan for a Virtual Summit (even if it’s your first one)
  • How to ensure it’ll be different from the get go
  • How to choose the topics first and then found speakers who are a perfect fit
  • Getting your speakers to happily promote the summit like total rockstars and getting QUALITY audience members
  • The launch results from the Monetise You summit – a full break down of our goals and actual numbers
  • The key learnings and lessons from running this summit
  • Why I’m so damn proud of the work we did and the value we created!


If this gets you excited, and you want some more inspo, take a listen to How to Use Virtual Summits to Design Your Ideal Lifestyle Business with Mitch Asser.

And for even more juicy tips check out How to Use a Virtual Summit to Build a Six-Figure Business with David Moazzez.

You can also take a look at Summit in a Box for more resources that are the result of hundreds of hours spent researching, planning, writing, and creating materials for virtual summits.

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