June 14

EPS 122: The Magic of Messaging and Heart-Centred Selling With Kate Hore-Lacy


Is it possible to get jazzed about sales? It is if you know the key to messaging and heart-centred selling.

How do we approach sales in a way that makes us excited, and also taps into our inner selves, and into our prospects’ inner selves?

Sound too good to be true?

I know!

But it’s not. It’s TOTALLY doable and in this week’s episode we’re unlocking all the juiciness of ethical sales, that makes your heart (and your customers’) go BOOM.

Get ready for some magic of messaging and heart-centred selling.

Kate Hore-Lacy was awarded the position of state sales manager at just 19 and went on to become one of the top recruitment consultants in Australia, earning over $30,000 a month in her mid-20s. 

She opened her own agency at 27 and then got a break to become a professional singer, where she did over 1500 gigs. 

After a close friend, a heart-centered entrepreneur, shared with Kate that she was struggling to get even ONE sale after an expensive and exhausting launch, Kate stepped in and turned her launch around. 

Now Kate is a business strategist, sales and mindset mentor (known as “Sales Yogi”) and she is on a mission to help value-driven entrepreneurs to make exciting money and claim their impact through the magic of messaging and the art of heart-centered selling. She is also the creator of the acclaimed Linkedin Lead Generation Summit and with over 30,000 followers of her daily videos, has recently been named a LinkedIn Sales Star.

In this episode we uncover: 

  • The 5 mistakes that cost entrepreneurs sales and how to fix them
  • The keys to persuasion and powerful self-confidence
  • What objections REALLY are and how to karate chop them before they arise
  • How to use the power of video to attract limitless leads who are ready to buy



Learn more about Kate, her work and her juicy offerings on her website.

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There’s also this goodness about How to Use Live Online Events to Grow Your List and Make More Sales

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