June 22

EPS 123: Discover Your Money Mindset Archetype with Emily King


Are you ready to discover your money mindset archetype?

Are you ready to step into your greatness and DO your business?

Are you ready to take action?

Your money mindset is HUGE. Really. It could be the thing standing between you and more abundance in your business.

What if you took control, knew your worth, raised your prices, and really started to level up your income?

Emily King is a wealth & abundance coach for entrepreneurial women and the founder of The Rich Woman signature coaching program. 

Since 2015 she’s worked with 100s of women to help them create a loving relationship with money so they can massively increase their income and impact. 

Armed with an MBA and certifications as an NLP practitioner, timeline therapist and pilates instructor (yes–all those things!), Emily brings the perfect mix of manifesting-woo and business chops to the table to help women across the world live their best ‘Rich Woman’ lives – a life of financial freedom, fulfillment and fun.

In this episode we uncover: 

✅ The 8 money archetypes and how you can make leaps and gains when you embrace yours

✅ The importance of getting out of the day to day grind so that you can remember what lights you up

✅ How to think expansively first, before you can drill down into logical and actionable steps 

✅ The power of meditation, and spending time with yourself



Head on over here to take the Money Mindset assessment and find your archetype. Get 25% off when you enter this coupon code: podcastlove

Here are 3 Meditations to help you Manifest more sales, clients & moolah!

If this whet your appetite, dive into even more mindset goodness when you Know Your Value and Charge What You’re Worth.

And remember that if you’re going to get on top of your money mindset, you need to Stop Giving Everything Away For Free and Start Charging What You’re Worth.

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