June 29

EPS 124: Produce Scalable Profits Using Facebook Groups with Christina Jandali


Are you ready to produce scalable profits? Who isn’t really?


This is what Christina Jandali yells five minutes into our chat. 

She was trying to scale her business, and just couldn’t get there. 

So, she decided to find the secret to success. And she found it through Facebook groups, would you believe!

BAM. That’s when things changed. And she shares all she knows about scalable profits in this fantastic conversation on the Untapped Podcast.

Christina is a confidence-boosting, cash-creating Business Growth Strategist who helps coaches and course creators build a raving fan base and produce scalable profits by hosting a free Facebook group.

She is a self-made millionaire who started her business from ground zero during maternity leave from her corporate job when she decided it was time to build her own dreams, not someone else’s. 

She’s since worked with thousands of entrepreneurs worldwide to create their own predictable cash flow machines.


In this episode we uncover: 

✅ The real secret to success

✅ How she used Facebook to have her first $30,000 month.

✅ How to really engage people in Facebook groups, so that you create a community that LOVES you and wants to be sold to

✅ The only three posts you need to have to start getting paying clients in your Facebook group

✅ What you shouldn’t be doing in your Facebook group, and what techniques are outdated



Grab Christina’s generous Free ‘Grow Your Group’ Bundle here

Curious to know more about converting your messaging into sales? Take a listen to The Magic of Messaging and Heart-Centred Selling.

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