July 13

EPS 126: Brain Habits to Boost Productivity With Dr Nicole Byers


Imagine you could implement certain brain habits to boost productivity.

Your brain is incredible.

It’s a high-functioning machine that keeps your entire body working every single second of the day.

How do you keep that beautiful brain in top condition?

How do you make sure it’s being as productive as it can be?

How do you make sure you’re using all your resources properly so that your brain is as effective as possible?

Dr Nicole Byers is a neuropsychologist, speaker, host of The Bold Life podcast, and CEO of Rocky Mountain Neurosciences in Calgary, Canada. She has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from the University of Saskatchewan, she is an Adjunct Research Assistant Professor with the University of Calgary, and she has published articles in professional journals on the topics of brain health and neuroscience. 

She’s an ambitious overachiever herself, a self-described neuroscience nerd, and mom to one very opinionated preschooler who keeps her on her toes. Nicole helps folks overcome the mental habits that are keeping them stuck in self-doubt, overwhelm, and stress so they can have the confidence to achieve success.

In this episode we uncover: 

✅ How Nicole went from the public healthcare system to running her own business

✅ Why you need to stop pushing through all day (your brain has limits for how long it can maintain focus and productivity)

✅ The power of brain-body connection, and how health changes affect that

✅ How multitasking makes you less efficient

✅ How self-doubt, criticism and perfection drain your mental resources away from the important things you should be focusing on



Nicole has a new free workbook  for you to download: Your Daily Productivity Checklist. It helps you to organise your brain to start your workday with success so you can stop procrastinating, get more done, and reach your goals … without feeling totally overwhelmed all the time!

Listen to this interview about Suck it up, Princess (my latest book), and the lessons I’ve learned about burnout, saying no, and creating boundaries.

How can you give your brain a big, ole break? You PLAY! Jeff Harry LOVES to play, and he loves talking about it too.

Suck It Up, Princess is for women the world over, who want to get over your excuses and get on with living a rich, fulfilling and rewarding life, on your own damn terms.


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