August 10

Eps 130: Manifest And Create Your Dream Professional Life With Jo Morrison


Do you know how to manifest and create your dream professional life?

You have a dream professional life.

We all do.

But do you know how to activate it?

Maybe you’re feeling stuck in your work life, and you need more freedom and flexibility?

The idea of manifesting is popular, and it can be really powerful but alongside manifestation, you need practical steps to actually create what you dream of.

In 2012, Jo Morrison went from EA to entrepreneur, co-creating the first university student union startup accelerator program in Australia. has now launched almost 150 startup businesses that have raised $35 million and counting. 

But she’s not all business. Jo’s gift is making it easier to get what you want by combining the law of attraction or manifesting, with practical steps. 

She is not a traditional career or business coach, but rather a guide who helps you to create your ideal professional life, the one you dream of but don’t know how to activate.

Jo works with people who are feeling stuck in their work-life and are looking for more freedom and flexibility. It might be in their career, or by exploring their secret spark business idea.


In this episode we uncover: 

✅ Jo’s unconventional career path from journalism to where she is now

✅ Why it’s so important to focus on what you want, rather than what you don’t want

✅ The law of attraction, and practical action steps to get what you want and create your ideal work life

✅ The power of coaching



You can be coached by Jo when you join the $10K Club.

Find out more about Jo and all her juicy offerings on her website and also read the full story about how she started her ideal business…and her ideal beer!

Experience more power in your life when you manifest miracles in your everyday world.

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