June 17

Eps 71: Know What to Fix Next and Transform Your Business


My friend, after 10 years of being in business what I know I need more than ever, is the desire to continue to understand exactly what my business needs next – in order to grow.​

And you’d think that I’d have it all figured out by this stage, but I can tell you I definitely don’t. 

In fact, I actually just hired somebody to just sit down for three hours with me and go through my entire business plan, my priorities, what’s important to me and what’s been working for me.

I literally paid somebody to hold me accountable to talk through this because I knew that all the next steps were there, I just wasn’t yet taking them.​

And that’s what this week’s podcast guest Mike Michalowicz reveals, that the biggest challenge we face as entrepreneurs, is actually knowing what our biggest challenge is.​

And as a result, most businesses stay stuck in a pattern of two steps forward and three steps back.​

Mike has built four multiple million-dollar companies and sold two of them one to private equity and another to a fortune 500 all before his 35th birthday​.

But it wasn’t an easy ride.

He lost his house once and he lost his entire fortune twice. He launched 10 failed businesses and experienced years of depression.​

He’s a former small business columnist for The Wall Street Journal, and business makeover specialist on MSNBC, with a mission to eradicate entrepreneurial poverty.

In this new book ‘Fix This Next’, he shares that as entrepreneurs, while we might be doing many of the right things, we still manage to spin our wheels and not get unstuck when it comes to moving to the next level of growth, profitability or genuine goodness in our business.​

If that sounds like you, and you’re ready to transform your business, I want you to dive right in, and absorb the goodness in this interview with Mike.j

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How to understand exactly what your business needs next 
  • How to know what your biggest challenge in business really is
  • How to transform your business from a cash eating monster to a profit-making machine

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