July 1

Eps 73: How to Create Your Big, Bold Brand


Have you found yourself freezing up when being asked what it is you really do in your business?

You’re feeling tense, and unsure how to answer, because how do you put into words what your business or your brand is all about?

You know your brand logo, your brand colours and even what you do in your business, but how do you articulate this to your ideal audience?

You’re not alone.

Branding is the thing that I think has become so overcomplicated, almost mysterious for people, especially when you’re starting out in business.

Speaking from my own experience, it’s not easy to build out an incredible brand that also gives you longevity. 

Enter this week’s podcast guest, a dear friend of mine Karley Cunningham, the creator, owner and visionary behind the Big, Bold Brand.

Karley lives and breathes helping consultants, coaches, entrepreneurs and organizations to bring their brands to life, and how ultimately to build the business that they absolutely want.

We dive into Karley’s awesome 10 step framework, which acts as an audit to help you see which pieces of your brand you have got together, and which are completely missing!

If you’re ready to start getting clear with your brand identity and to start attracting your ideal clients, then this is the episode for you!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How to get clearer on your brand identity
  • How to ensure your brand stands out in a sea of sameness
  • How to bring your brand to life
  • How to build your business to attract your ideal clients

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