July 8

Eps 74: How to Perfect Your Media Pitch Strategy


If you’ve ever tried it, crafting the perfect media pitch to get your business real exposure can be both exhausting and overwhelming, right?

You might find yourself spending countless hours curating perfect emails, or researching the right contacts, only to never hear back from them.

In the early years of building my business, I hustled a lot to get my emails in front of the right people and land media interviews or writeups with some big names. 

Although it worked in the long run, I knew there must be a better way, or perhaps a better strategy to a perfect media pitch that landed me the right gigs.

And often landing your email in the right inbox, is simply not enough. If the pitch doesn’t resonate, you’re unlikely to hear back.

Enter Christina Nicholson, this week’s podcast guest, to the rescue! She’s the powerhouse behind Media Maven, and went from award-winning journalist, to professional PR freelancer and now owner of her multi-million dollar PR agency.

Christina has successfully pitched her clients to some top players in the media industry including Forbes, Fast Company, the Huffington Post and Time.

If you’re ready for some big-time exposure for your business, and to turn your publicity into profit, then this is the episode for you!

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How to create the perfect media pitch strategy
  • How to use your story for a pitch that lands
  • How to land ideal PR opportunities to get you in front of the right audience
  • How to send an email that won’t get ignored
  • How to leverage your media exposure

Podcast resources and Links:

Learn more about Christina and check out her website, Media Maven

Listen in to Christina’s podcast

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