August 12

Eps 79: How to Create Diversity in the Beer Industry and Beyond with Ren Navarro


Have you ever wanted to change an industry that you love from the inside out?

Do you want to be the change that you want to see in the world? But you’re wondering where to start?

And are you thinking about how you can you make a name for yourself, doing something that you love, creating a real positive impact in the world, while earning a great income from it?

Then look no further than the shining example of Ren Navarro, who in early 2018 organically created her consulting company Beer Diversity, which strives to educate, enlighten and make beer more approachable for a more diverse audience.

She’d been involved in the beer industry for seven and a half years as a sales representative for renowned and award-winning breweries, and she started having conversations about diversity and inclusion. 

Working constantly as the face of breweries within her respective sales regions, Ren began by speaking frequently at workshops, conferences, and giving talks informing and entertaining people through her love of beer.

Strike forward to today and she’s become one of Canada’s experts when it comes to diversity and inclusion in the alcohol industry.

Ren is on the front-lines to initiate change both in and out of the industry. Additionally, using her perspective as a queer black woman within the industry, she has talked extensively about diversity in craft beer as the sole Canadian panelist at the 2019 Craft Brewers Conference in Denver, CO along with constant appearances in various forms of media, from podcasts, television and radio shows to newspapers.

She’s a great example of taking her sweetspot and monetising it in a way that felt aligned, authentic and as a force for good.

In This Episode You’ll Learn:

  • How Ren took her experience, knowledge and skills to organically create a thriving consulting business
  • Why choosing a specific niche early on is so important for standing out
  • How she’s educating craft brewers on how to bring more diversity and inclusion into their businesses.
  • How to position yourself to get people to know you and really create a name for yourself. 

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