August 18

Eps 80: How to Get Media Attention Your Business Deserves with Stephanie Lee


How would you like to take your business to the next level by getting the media attention your business deserves?

As an entrepreneur, you have a unique story to tell and when you can get that story published and featured in the media, your audience will grow and your sales will accelerate. What if I told you it was much easier than you think to get published in major media? We’re talking big names like Forbes, Entrepreneur, GQ, and more… 

If you’re thinking; “Yes please!” Then this week’s podcast episode is for you.

This week’s guest on the Untapped Podcast is Stephanie Lee; she is a writer, storyteller, and media strategist dedicated to helping you share your stories and ideas with the world.

Stephanie lived the digital nomad life for 3 years, writing her way around the globe. She quickly started getting published in places like Lifehacker, New York Magazine, and GQ. That’s when she discovered the online business world of creators and coaches with big ideas but without the tools to get published.

Now, she helps entrepreneurs make an impact through their own unique stories. Stephanie knows that the world needs to hear your story, and by getting published you can reach the wide corners of the internet. She’s helped her clients get media coverage in 20+ major publications by tapping into their authentic self and sharing them with the world.

Ready to get the media attention and visibility your business deserves?

In this episode you’ll uncover: 

  • Steph’s journey from being a digital nomad for 3 years, writing articles and teaching others to get published outside of their blog
  • How she uses the press to grow her clients’ businesses.
  • Why most entrepreneurs don’t understand the power of media to help grow their profits (while still being authentically you)
  • How to come up with ideas that editors love (so that you can get published beyond your blog and be authentically you)

Podcast Resources and Links:

Want to learn how to get published? Get Stephanie’s word-for-word pitch to GQ at

Want to connect with Stephanie? You can find her here:

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