October 7

Eps 87: How To Align Your Passions With Your Work With Carson Tate


Are you ready to fully align your passions with your work?

I am certainly a firm believer in using your unique talents and gifts to get paid to be you. I believe that is your professional gold! 

But have you been trying to do that for way too long now, and feeling like you’re missing out on some big secret that everyone else has?!

Before I tell you the incredible news I have for you, I want you to think about one big thing… 

When is the last time you really asked for what you wanted in your professional life?

That, my friend, is the big secret that other people who have aligned their passions with their work are using… they ask for exactly what they want! They are the true artists of their work and life canvas. 

This simple strategy is what allows people to align their passions with their work.

Ready to do the same?

Our guest on the UNTAPPED Podcast today is Carson Tate, a dynamic teacher and coach. Carson is known for igniting personal transformation through her simple, powerful and actionable strategies and tools. 

Carson believes that our work is meant to be a full expression of who we are. She helps people around the world align their passions with their work. 

She will teach you how you can be a catalyst for change in your professional life, turning your work into purpose and your passions into expression!

In this episode we talk about:

  • How exactly you can align your passions with your work
  • What tools you can use to find your true strengths
  • How to get clarity around your passions
  • A case study on how one of Carson’s client found her dream career
  • The power of asking for what you want in your life and business
  • Plus we talk about Carson’s book Own it. Love. Make it work. and the tools it gives you to paint your work and life canvas

Ready to align your passions with your work? Tune in to the episode using this magic link which will open up in your chosen podcast player!

Podcast Resources and Links:

Visit Carson’s website carsontate.com
Get Carson’s Free work canvas
Learn your top 5 strengths through Gallup’s Strength Finder:
Learn 10 ways to monetise YOU in my free guide: Get paid to be you 


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