October 14

Eps 88: Stop Giving Away Everything For Free and Start Charging


Do you feel that you’re giving away everything for free in your business? Let’s put a stop to that immediately! It’s time to start charging and become a profitable business owner!

When I first started The Suitcase Entrepreneur, I spent 6 months giving away everything for free. In a way it was great! I had an audience that absolutely loved my content, they eagerly awaited my next share. They were always grateful for everything I was giving them. 

I can honestly say that they knew me, they liked me, and they absolutely trusted me.

The only problem was, I had a goal to build a profitable business that sustained the life of freedom I wanted and I had no paid offers, I didn’t even have a list at this time! Free does not equal profit… no matter what way you spin it.

I knew I had to change this; I had to giving away everything for free and start charging in order to reach my goal. So I worked hard creating my first paid offer, and when I launched it, I realized something… I built an audience that expects everything for nothing.

Tune into this week’s solo episode of UNTAPPED to hear how I went from a blogger working for free to a profitable business owner charging what I am worth!

I see this vicious little cycle play out again and again.

People build up their brand around something they are passionate about, they give away so much free knowledge, launch a paid offer, hear crickets, so they go back to launching more free stuff to try and hook people in.

You’re literally training your audience to expect free.

And you cannot build a business on free content alone.

In this episode hear how I supported someone in my Launch Your Damn Course Program to shift from the vicious “freebie” cycle into a digital course creator.

Plus you’ll learn why paid offers are actually serving your clients more. 

I share a story from my days of The Suitcase Entrepreneur, when I took something I had already given away for free, sold it, impacted more people and earned 6 figures over the next year… All while it was still available for free! 😱

Ready to go from Wantrepreneur to Entrepreneur?! Tune in to the episode using this magic link which will open up in your chosen podcast player!

In this episode we uncover: 

  • How to stop giving everything away for free and start charging
  • My story of going from freebie creator to six figure business owner
  • How to take your free content and get paid from it
  • The best way to answer the question – “Hey can I pick your brain for free?!”
  • Why charging is actually serving your audience more

Podcast Resources and Links:

Want to learn how to package your skills and build a business you can operate from anywhere? Grab a copy of my book The Suitcase Entrepreneur to get started!

Learn more on how to monetize your free content and create multiple revenue streams in this vlog!

Next  month inside The $10K Club we’re talking all about pricing and charging your worth, if you want even more on how to do this, check out The $10K Club details and join us here


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