October 21

Eps 89: Know Your Value and Charge What You’re Worth With Natalie Coombe


Do you feel like you’re caught in pricing drama? Trying to charge what you’re worth, while simultaneously not trying to offend anyone. 

We’re about to crack the code on what it takes to charge what you’re worth and price yourself right.

Maybe you’re still figuring out what the sweet spot is to start paying yourself what you deserve as a business owner? 

I’ll give you the fast answer to that: the right time to pay yourself out as a business owner is right now! 

Getting paid to be you is what we are passionate about helping you do here at Natalie Sisson HQ. So we happen to know that most business owners start out in business, without ever considering paying themselves a salary. What gives?

As a business owner you have a limitless ceiling on your income, you can (and should) absolutely be paying yourself a salary. You deserve to charge what you’re worth! I would love to know… Are you a business owner and paying yourself a salary? Message me on @nataliesisson to share with me!

Are you ready to finally know what you’re worth, nail your pricing, and get paid (abundantly) to be you?

Then you are going to love this episode!

We’re bringing Natalie squared onto the UNTAPPED podcast this week. That’s two Natalie’s for the price of one.

Natalie Coombe empowers women entrepreneurs running client serving businesses to sort out their pricing so they can pay themselves what they’re worth without burning out. 

Natalie came from the corporate world, where she helped large companies get profitable in a healthy way. After becoming a single mom by choice and moving back to New Zealand, she decided she wanted to start her own business. 

She saw a massive need for entrepreneurs to really nail their pricing, not only in a way that makes their business profitable, but also in a way that allows them to have balance in their life and more time doing what they love.

This episode is seriously epic, we could have gone on talking for hours. Which is exactly why I’m bringing Natalie into the $10K Club to teach a pricing workshop next month! Join the Club if you want to be part of that goodness.

Tune in to the episode using this magic link which will open up in your chosen podcast player!

In this episode we uncover: 

  • The one key misbelief keeping people from paying themselves a salary
  • The four key pricing methods businesses need to know
  • The power of knowing your value to build your confidence and change what your worth
  • How to make that leap and up your prices in a way that feels really good
  • Plus hear 2 case studies from Natalie on clients who upped their pricing and took their income up by 300-700%

Podcast Resources and Links:

Find Natalie online www.nataliecoombe.com

Check out Natalie’s course on nailing your pricing here. Mention UNTAPPED and she’ll give you some extra special treatment.

Wondering how to choose how to create a revenue stream for your business? Check out this episode: Choosing the Right Revenue Streams to Get Paid To Be You

Did you absolutely love this episode?! This is exactly the kind of stuff we talk about inside The $10K Club. And Natalie Coombe will be a guest teacher in The $10K Club next month! Check out all of the details here!


Want to build a kick ass business that lets you create the income and impact you desire? Then download my 'Get Paid to Be YOU' Guide to learn 10 ways to monetize your skills and knowledge and do the work that matters today!


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