October 28

Eps 90: How To Find Your Soul Aligned Purpose with Shanna Lee


Having a soul aligned purpose in life is something everyone wants, but not everyone understands. In fact finding your purpose in life can feel like a bit of a puzzle, especially if you’re feeling stuck in life. 

You might be wondering where to even begin to find your soul aligned purpose.I think your authenticity is where your purpose really lies. But I know, if you’re looking for your life purpose, authenticity can feel just as far out there to really tap into.

In this week’s episode of UNTAPPED, I’m sitting down with celebrity manifestation and business coach Shanna Lee, to talk about how to find your soul aligned purpose in life.

I think the number one mistake people make when looking for their life’s purpose, is that they mistake purpose for a life that looks good on the outside. Because of that, people spend so much time searching for purpose outside of themselves and they miss what’s been under their nose this entire time.

Our guest today understands that crossroad. Shanna went from being a very successful real estate agent to a soul aligned business owner. The path didn’t make logical sense, nor did it make sense to the people in her life, but Shanna knew this was the right path for her. 

Before she made this move, she felt like she was out of alignment and only focusing on the external world instead of her inner peace and happiness. She was ready to reignite her passions and truly live her purpose.

Now she is an expert in leading purpose-driven individuals and supporting the development of their core mission from the ground up.

Shanna believes we are naturally here to be fulfilled and joyful, and I couldn’t agree more.

If you’re ready to tap into your soul aligned purpose and manifest a life even better than your dreams, tune in to the episode using this magic link which will open up in your chosen podcast player!

In this episode we uncover: 

  • How and where to find your soul aligned purpose
  • The number one reason people don’t make change
  • How your authenticity is your superpower  
  • Why clarity is so important to finding your purpose

Podcast Resources and Links:

Connect further with Shanna Lee on her website The Soul Frequency here

Join Shanna’s free Facebook group The Soul Frequency VIP A great resource to start tapping into your purpose and full potential: 10 Questions To Unlock Your Potential 

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