November 18

Eps 93: Manifest Miracles in Your Everyday World with Lana Shlafer


Do you believe that you can manifest miracles? Or are you feeling lost, tired, and not loving the life that you’ve built?

I believe you can manifest miracles in your everyday life. Yes, you, you gorgeous thing! That’s what tapping into your full potential is all about. I know if you stay connected to your vision and start taking action from that place, you can’t help but create your dream reality. 

I am a huge fan of envisioning your life and business dreams in vivid detail, and seeing and feeling them so vividly, that they become real to you, and actually happen.

Over the years I’ve done this in winning a Bodysculping Championship as a complete novice, writing and publishing my first ever Bestselling Book, getting to speak on a TEDx stage, having a six-figure launch, meeting my dream man, and more – all through the power of manifesting.

That’s why I know you’ll love my kindred spirit Lana Shlafer, who knows exactly how to manifest miracles. Her story and the wisdom she shares with us in this episode are truly extraordinary. 

She came from communist Russia when she was just 12 years old, where any ideal life she could dream of, seemed near impossible in such a bleak environment. 

But Lana believed, and she did everything in her power to get over to the US, and begin a new life as an immigrant with hope and a dream, like millions have done before her.

She had to redefine so many parts of herself and everything she knew to be true up until that point. 

Lana threw herself into her new life, and worked her way up and into a great career in investment banking. Along the way, she thought she could create enough external success to feel fulfilled. 

During the birth of her twins, she discovered how powerful we truly are, and made it her mission to continue tapping into that potential.

Now she teaches others how to manifest miracles in their everyday lives, and the seven common limits we have that stop us from creating miraculous results. 

In this interview, we discuss how these limits actually aren’t a bad thing and how you can work with them instead of fighting against them.

Of course, we couldn’t have a chat about manifestation in 2020 without talking about how to manifest even through chaos, right? Lana shares one thing you can do to start manifesting miracles now!

Are you ready to manifest miracles? Tune into episode 93 here.

In this episode we uncover: 

  • Lana’s incredible story of moving from communist Russia to building a life beyond her wildest dreams (ummm…can we get a ‘Hell yes  to this, please?)
  • How doing her own personal development has been her biggest client attraction method 
  • 7 common limits to creating miraculous results and how to overcome them
  • One thing you can do to manifest miracles in your life right now


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