December 9

EPS 96: How to Be a More Inclusive Leader and Imperfect Ally, With Erica Courdae


One of the things I’m a strong advocate for is saying what you’ll do, and doing what you’ll say, especially in business. As an upholder, I live and breathe this value of integrity. 

This year, I’ve added to that, in wanting to not just be a leading learner, but a more inclusive leader. And I’ve added “imperfect ally” into my core set of values too.

When you run a company, you are investing in it every single day. It’s always with you. In your brain, in your heart, and your soul. So if it’s not aligned with your values, well, lovely, then you have a problem. 

That’s exactly what my guest, Erica Courdae, shares in this interview. Erica is the inclusive leader of her own beauty salon, which focuses on healing stereotypes within the BIPOC and LGBTQIA+ communities. 

So, she doesn’t only ‘talk the talk’, she walks it too! A DEI (diversity, equity, inclusion) Coach and Consultant, she’s on a mission to help every business owner she meets become an imperfect ally for underrepresented and marginalised communities. 

Our conversation was full of insights, teachings, and discoveries. This is a woman who is HERSELF and owns it like a goddess. Leading with her values has helped her grow her coaching business from side hustle to full-time gig with 650% growth in the last year. 

In this episode we uncover: 

  • What inspired Erica to become a DEI coach;
  • What even IS an imperfect ally, and how can you become one;
  • How she took care of her own mental and emotional wellbeing when business spiked after this year’s protests; and
  • How leaders can operationalise their values — instead of simply writing them on a poster — so they become a part of the company culture and brand.

Are you ready? Let’s dive into just a handful of what I’ve discovered and researched for you! Tune into episode 94 here.


Find out more about reconsidering your normal on Erica’s website.

Learn more about why my ignorance around #blacklivesmatter ended and how I’ve changed my business to create more equity and diversity

Find out how the beer industry is embracing diversity, and how you can change the industry you love too!

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