May 6

How to Tap Into Your Evolutionary Intelligence with Andrew Leitch


How do we remain present in a busy digital world and be really focused on the now?

It’s a question I ponder every day and when I heard Andrew Leitch speak recently, at an Entrepreneurs Organization meetup, on this very topic, I listened intently.

Andrew believes that our connection to our purpose and the energy that this connection gives us, is the fast track to tapping into our creative genius, our most connected and engaged states, and our fullest human potential.


After a professional career in ballet, and 15 years on stage, Andrew went on to study psychotherapy. 

He pursued his passion to bring together ancient indigenous knowledge and spent extensive time with the indigenous people of Australia and abroad, whilst completing formal training as a Body Psychotherapist with the Institute of Energy Science.

Andrew has gone on to develop the Evolutionary Intelligence Process, which is a simple yet powerful, structured personal development pathway, using the 5 Keys of:

  • Self Awareness
  • Self Regulation
  • Connection
  • Purpose
  • Integration

In addition to his work with individuals and organisations, Andrew leads retreats alongside Indigenous healers to Central Australia through his other business, Spirit Adventure Tours.

In this episode Andrew Leitch and I dive into:

  • What lead him to his path
  • The last thing we take consideration of
  • What is the Evolutionary Intelligence process?
  • The 5 keys to Evolutionary Intelligence

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