September 2

Eps 82: Finding Your Powerful Voice with Emma Back


What if you could step out onto the stage of life, into the full spotlight of your gifts, and profoundly impact your ideal audience every time by finding your powerful voice?

Finding your powerful voice as an entrepreneur is often one of the most difficult challenges that we face.

But is it difficult because we have hidden our ability to access our powerful feminine power voice, and given way to an inner patriarchal model that causes us fear and self-doubt?

Can an inner exploration of our feminine talents and qualities improve not only our life and business but also change the world around us in a truly meaningful way?

Don’t worry; I am not going to leave you hanging with these tantalizing open-ended questions.

My lovely guest, Emma Back, is here to share some of her insights on this fascinating subject. She’s a singer, songwriter, violinist, and avant-folk live-looping artist—a music educator with over ten years of experience.  

In 2013 Emma founded ‘She Sings Out Loud,’ where she helps upcoming women & femme singer-songwriters move beyond fear, self-doubt, shame, and overwhelm. 

They reclaim their soul-sound and step into their true artistic calling so that they can, with unshakable confidence, own the stage, share their music, and make a profound impact!

Before you think that this podcast is only for musicians and public speakers, it’s about any content you wish to gift to the world. Be it a Facebook Live, a podcast, vlog, or even a blog.

Emma is on a mission to help people connect deeply with one another, dissolving the barriers of separation that she believes are at the root of war and suffering. She aspires to be one of many voices currently emerging to help re-awaken feminine values (in ALL genders).

Through her online programs, Emma has helped dozens of women take their next steps to express themselves creatively. 

Including going on to develop full-blown careers in music and experiencing breakthroughs in relationships, public speaking, and other areas where “voice” and self-expression are essential.

And if that’s not enough inspiration, Emma performs both nationally and internationally. 

She is currently working on her 2nd full-length album, titled “Strife & Joy,” which investigates the connection between inner and outer suffering and bliss, and how we work to navigate the ever-changing landscape of what it is to be a human being.


In This Episode You’ll Discover:

  • What feminine power means & why it is vital to yourself and your business
  • Your voice & voicelessness & why the history of silencing is essential to understand
  • Why you use your inner patriarch more than your feminine voice, and how you can find “her” again
  • What the art of giving and receiving means to your feminine power
  • How to own the stage (both metaphorically and physically) and what it means to become “magnetic”
  • How Emma succeeded in building her business right out of music college
  • Emma’s incredible success in launching her first online course after taking my Accelerator
  • The massive mindset shifts she’s had since joining my $10K Club

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