October 9

How to Build a Business on YouTube



Ever look at YouTube stars and wonder: how the heck do they actually make money from YouTube and more importantly, how did they build a business on this platform?

Well, on this episode of Untapped, I had the treat of chatting with Aaron Nace, founder of PHLEARN, about how he built his YouTube channel from the ground up into a full-time business.

I’m pretty excited to share this interview with you because I’ve never had the chance to speak to someone that has a YouTube channel with almost 1.8 million subscribers.

In our interview, Aaron shares his journey from being an independent photographer and photo retoucher to building his company PHLEARN, which provides accessible photography and Photoshop lessons to people around the world through their video tutorials.

Since starting PHLEARN in 2011, Aaron has turned what used to be just a creative passion into his full time business.

This is another great example of how online content creators are transforming their side hustles into their main sources of incomes. 

What’s really neat about Aaron’s journey is how he was able to build a business on YouTube from the ground up.

He saw an industry that was booming, yet the online space seemed to lack the tools and education for all the people who wanted to get into that industry.

So, he took all the techniques he learned over the years as a professional photographer and started releasing video tutorials for free.

Once he realized that people were actually invested in what he had to teach, Aaron decided to offer more advanced lessons as part of a paid subscription service on his company’s website.

He found his sweetspot of what he’s passionate about, what he can offer, and what people are willing to pay for – an awesome example of how you can get paid to be you!

To hear Aaron’s secrets to YouTube success and all the details on how he built a business on YouTube, make sure to tune in to the full episode!

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to develop your business from the ground up on YouTube.
  • How to turn your creative passion into a full-time job.
  • How to find a balance between your business and private life.
  • Why it’s important to focus on your team as much as your clients.
  • Tips on how to grow your channel on YouTube

Podcast Resources

Check out the 500+ free photography and Photoshop lessons on PHLEARN’s YouTube Channel
Check out PHLEARN’s website for more advanced lessons.

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