February 20

Eps 54: How to Get Paid to Be A Successful Speaker


Would you love to get paid to be a successful speaker?

Are you already speaking, but not charging or have no idea what to charge?

Is speaking a career you’re pondering but want to know how successful you could be?

Enter my friend Grant Baldwin to answer all your burning questions!

Grant Baldwin is the founder of The Speaker Lab, a training company that helps public speakers learn how to find and book speaking gigs.

He is probably the most knowledgeable and qualified person I know to teach all about getting paid to be a successful speaker.

As a keynote speaker, Grant has delivered nearly one thousand presentations to over 500,000 people in 47 states and has keynoted events for audiences as large as 13,000!

I mean holy heck, that’s some work ethic right there. Oh and he’s a GREAT speaker too.

Through his popular podcast The Speaker Lab and flagship coaching program Booked and Paid to Speak he has coached and worked with thousands of speakers.

Grant has also been featured in national media including Forbes, Inc., Entrepreneur, and Huffington Post.

He now lives near Nashville, Tennessee, with his wife, Sheila, and their three daughters and I love how he balances out a very successful business with living a great lifestyle.

In this episode, Grant reveals:

  • How Grant has built his business around his core offering of The Speaker Lab
  • The different offers he makes in his funnel for consistent revenue
  • Questions to ask yourself when you want to start a speaking career
  • Grant’s advice for finding paid speaking gigs
  • The difference between keynotes versus speaking at a workshop
  • How much to charge for speaking and what you can expect as you progress
  • Is it a bad thing to speak for free?

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