March 11

How to use publicity to grow your impact and profits


Did you start your business or a movement to make an impact? To reach millions with your message? To help hundreds, if not thousands of people?

I hope so. It’s those big hairy and ambitious goals we set for ourselves that often propels us into starting something that matters in the first place.

But the thing that often stops us from fulfilling our dreams is never getting the visibility, credibility and reach we desire – in order to impact millions.

  • If you’ve been struggling to get your message out to those who matter most
  • If you’ve dreamed of having a feature story on a major news site
  • If you’ve wanted to land a cover story and multi-page spread in an industry magazine
  • If you want to be interviewed by your favourite influencer on their podcast.

Then listen up my friend.

In this podcast (and video interview) with my friend Selena Soo, we cover off on a few ways to start using publicity to propel your dreams, amplify your impact and help you grow your confidence and profits.

Tune in to learn:

  • Why publicity is so important
  • The mindset blocks people have around being seen
  • The fastest way to get started w/ publicity now (ties into on a budget, with social media)

Key Resources

Sign up to watch Selena’s Free Video series here (my affiliate link)

You’ll learn

  • How you can use The Publicity Pyramid to get your ideas out to millions of people …whether you’re just starting out or you’re already successful in your field…
  • Why the media wants to hear from you right now (and how to get “expert cred” with the media right away)
  • How to start confidently getting media opportunities with top podcasts, magazines and TV (even if you’re an introvert or don’t feel “ready”)
  • My 3-step process to pick your “go-to” expert topics — even if you have too many ideas, or secretly don’t feel like a real expert

PLUS…as soon as you sign up to watch the video, you’ll get a bonus quickstart guide: How To Become The Ultimate Expert.

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