January 22

How to Launch Your Damn Course in 2020


Imagine having hundreds or thousands of dollars in your bank account from a course you finally launched.

Imagine the joy of finally having a course you’re proud of, that people have already asked and paid for.

Imagine the impact that your course is going to make in their life.

Really, just imagine that…

That’s the power of launching your damn course in 2020. 

I’m a firm believer that you can learn how to package your knowledge and expertise into an online course…even if you don’t have a list, audience or a clear idea of what you can teach.

Like Roxanne who had a list of 150 people, and launched her course to real estate agents and came away with $4,500 in less than a week, plus the joy of engaging with her students who were thrilled in their first week of going through it.

Or Jenny who had an idea for her course that she’d been putting off for 2.5 years, and finally launched it to the tune of $1500 before even creating it.

Or Karen who had a course, but had never done much with it and didn’t believe in it, who shifted her mindset, poured her heart in and made close to $4K by relaunching it.

These three people were part of my Launch Your Damn Course Accelerator I ran live at the end of last year, and who blew me away with how prepared they were to take action and commit to their dreams.

So I thought I’d bring a few of my students on the podcast to share their experience of what it really takes to launch and presell your course in 2020!

In this Episode You’ll Learn:

  • Why 2020 is the best time ever to Launch Your Damn Course
  • 10 reasons to have an online course – as shared by YOU
  • How Karen Green revamped her existing course to make £3,500 in just a few weeks
  • How Jim Greer took his love of being in a band and poured it into a course to get paid gigs 
  • How Jenny Lachs launched a course and made $1500 after completely redoing her original version
  • Why the right mindset is directly correlated to the success of your course  

Podcast Resources:

Karen’s Course: Pitch Perfect Everything you need to know to win and keep UK grocery listings 

Karen’s website: Food Mentor

Jim Greer’s Course: Start Booking Better Gigs and Earn What You’re Worth

Jim’s website Book Your Cover Band

Jenny Lach’s Course: Stop Dreaming, Start Packing! A myth-busting course for aspiring Digital Nomad Girls!

Jenny’s website: Digital Nomad Girls

Join my 60 Day Launch Your Damn Course Accelerator starting Jan 27th


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