January 31

My 29 Day Live Video Challenge in 2020


I was stark awake at 2am with a brilliant idea to end my procrastination and get back into creating videos for my YouTube Channel community.

Why I don’t do a daily live video in February to get me over the ‘hump’ of not producing anything, despite having the best intentions to do so.

You see my YouTube Channel has been consistently growing, getting thousands of views a month and even earning me a small income from ad revenue each month.

All of this without me uploading a video since late September 2019!

According to YouTube, I joined on 31 July 2009 and have 778,888 views!


Natalie Sisson YouTube Channel

When I was the Suitcase Entrepreneur I published a video weekly, and it felt doable despite traveling the world full-time.

That’s because I had plenty to share, in new locations, and I’d often batch all my videos by hiring a videographer in cities like London and Berlin to get 10 or so done in one day.

But ironically since being back in New Zealand, even with my little video studio we created in a shed, I simply did not get back into the same routine as I have had for my weekly podcast since 2012.

How this video challenge came to life

When I get really frustrated about not doing something I keep saying I want to do, I get to a point where I’m so fed up with myself, I take massive action.

Which led me to this 2am wake up call four days ago, where this 28 Day Live Video Challenge for myself, came to light.

I wrote up my thoughts in an evernote file as my mind would not let the idea drop and I started scheming on all sorts of ideas for videos – yet the rest of me just wanted to get back to sleep.

When I checked my note in the morning I still loved the idea. Then I checked the calendar and realise it was a leap year so it had to be a 29 Day Challenge instead – no sweat….eek!

Why not turn up live every day of February starting 1st of February turn up live on video – basically all of February (didn’t know it was a leap year either so one extra day in there!).

Here’s the 29 Day Video Challenge Overview

I got excited at 29 days of live video instantly shared across YouTube and Facebook YouTube, where I teach, share and chart my own month of learning from courses I bought and am going through in February.

This includes course topics of:

  • Business Mastery
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Copywriting
  • Facebook Ads
  • SEO
  • Fletcher Method
  • Email Marketing Acceleration
  • Six Figure Blogging
  • Network Marketing
  • Gorgeous Funnels

As well as for me personally – both mindset and growth 

  • Money bootcamp
  • Elegant Excellence Mastermind
  • The Art of Development Coaching

Yep I know that seems like overkill, and some I won’t probably touch in February.

However this is a month I’ve put aside lots of time towards becoming even more of a Leading Learner!

I’ll go live each day at the same time where possible 11:11 am New Zealand time, which gives me time to do the learning, summarise and share. 

It also creates a consistency have it for me and gets me past my excuse of ‘needing a studio to film’ .

Instead I’ll just go live where I am with my iPhone, mic and a selfie stick or stand, plus the Lume Cube light I can stick on a window or laptop or even my phone.

And it will definitely create engagement and increase my following and resonance on those platforms. Who knows, perhaps one video will actually go viral…or I’ll win Lotto or both!

It also gives me plenty of great reasons to share daily and talk about not only the courses I’ve invested in, but also the books I’m reading and tools I love.

I’ll also have great reason to be updating and optimizing my YouTube Channel, website and optins so that I am confident of my call to action in every video to grow my email list and community.

Plus I will tie it in with my survey results so that I’m really speaking to what people need and asked for – you’ve already given me the content ideas.

Finally it works towards creating a potential info product around digital marketing and understanding how to better promote yourself because those are all the things that I will be in mastering and levelling up in.

This will be real.

I mean really real. It’s live right so I’m not going to be able to do anything other than turn up, in whatever state I’m in, to share.

I want this to be personal, authentic and straight up honest.

Some days will be hard, others will be fun, others might get emotional, who knows. That’s the adventure behind doing a live challenge.

It starts today, 1st of February in New Zealand and I’ll be live streaming to my YouTube channel – so make sure you subscribe here por favor.

Here’s the first video!

As well as Facebook live by using a live-streaming ‘simulcast’ app called Castr.

Want to join me?

If you feel inspired to go live everyday for your personal growth and to get out of your comfort zone, comment below.

I’ll be embedding my video once it’s done into a daily blog post, so you can share your link to yours in the comments and use the hashtag #29dayslive so I can track you and be your cheerleader.

Tag me on Instagram @nataliesisson if you’re going to go live there or on Facebook.

Let’s do this!

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