April 25

Loom Saves You Time and Helps You Communicate Fast


Want to save a ton of time in explaining things to your team or clients while reducing the amount of emails you write? Tired of having to explain yourself and the time it takes to do it? Need to give feedback and want a faster method to get your point across? Check out my latest vlog for Tech Tool Thursday and learn about this fab tool I’ve been using for over a year now that changed my life.
Loom helps you capture, narrate and instantly share videos to communicate faster, clearer and friendlier. 100% free!
What’s more, 94% of people say video helps increase productivity and information retention by 54% versus text truly making it the most efficient way to share knowledge for everyone.

Key Ways You Can Use Loom to Save Time

  1. Use it for news and updates direct to your key customers or clients
  2. Give walk throughs or demos on your products or courses
  3. Teaching – use it to share ideas, tactics or strategies with your community quickly and easy or direct to your students in your courses by embedding the video directly
  4. Marketing – collect testimonials from clients in real-time and make it really easy
  5. Sales – use it for lead generation and email communication.
  6. Team – share quick feedback on their work, projects or explaining what you need done or fixed in a way that cuts down on comms issues

Key Features of Loom You’ll Love

  • One-click to record, one-click to finish and a publicly shareable URL automatically copied to your clipboard makes it fun and easy to use
  • Full Desktop Recording, Front Facing Camera, or Tab Only – share what you need and no more, including your face on camera or not!
  • High-Quality Video -none of this fuzzy shit, for sharing your video or downloading it
  • Unlimited Storage – no need to worry about re-recording videos, quotas, or running out of space on your computer.
  • Embed Anywhere – Loom instantly generates Embed HTML so you can put it anywhere on the internet you’d like!
  • MP4 Format – cos it’s the only way (for now). Your video is available for download, almost instantly Loom convert it on their end
  • Unlimited Recording – use it for short demos or go nuts and record for hours and use the pause/start functionality as well.
I know you’ll love this tool. If you want to know my favourite tools of all time head to nataliesisson.com/tools for a free download of my Definitive Toolkit.  

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